While Marquette University will not be partnering with Teach For America-Milwaukee to enroll future graduate students, current corps members will have the opportunity to complete their programs with the College of Education.

The partnership between Marquette's College of Education and Teach For America (TFA) began in 2009. Together, we aim to enlist our nation's most promising future leaders in the effort to build the movement to eliminate educational inequity.

We begin by preparing an expanding corps of exceptional educational leaders through course work toward elementary and secondary post-baccalaureate Wisconsin teacher certification and licensure. Successful completion of the two-year TFA program will culminate with a master of education degree.

Elementary and Secondary Post-baccalaureate Master of Education Course Sequences

Program Assessment Highlights: Initial Teacher Licensure

Program Outcomes

  • Apply deep content knowledge to organize subject matter from multiple perspectives, respond to diverse abilities and backgrounds, and engage students in pedagogically powerful lessons.
  • Analyze stages of development, ranges of diversity and interrelationships of individual and cultural differences to design instruction to meet the needs of all students.
  • Use knowledge of multiple teaching and assessment strategies to plan, implement, and modify instruction, ensuring the learning and development of all students.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills to nurture supportive environment and productive relationships with families and the larger community.
  • Reflect upon practice to identify areas for professional growth, evaluate effects of professional decisions and actions on others, and to examine schooling and society.