Tutor/ Proctor for Whitefish Bay Families

Help four working parents from drowning in virtual learning!  We are looking for a fun and responsible tutor/proctor for three children during the spring semester to help save our sanity and keep them on track to enter the next grade. 

Our two families have a tutor share already established for two 4th grade boys (separate classes) and one 1st grade girl.  Our current tutor will begin student teaching next semester and since this pandemic is sadly nowhere close to ending, we will need to find a replacement.  Hours will be Wednesday 9-2, Thursday 8-2, Friday 8-2.  There may be some shift from Wednesday to Monday or an additional opportunity for Mondays and some Tuesdays if Whitefish Bay does not return to a blended program.  

You would be responsible for helping the children understand the lessons, aid in technical difficulties in logging in or accessing assignments, and looking over work prior to submission and ensuring that the kids understand what was completed (not just clicking on the correct answer and changing if they are told the answer was wrong).  As the hours span lunch, you would also be responsible for preparing an easy meal and a short “recess.” Full description of position and responsibilities available upon request. Please note: Parents work outside the home, including health care, and thus, we need someone who is committed to being COVID conscious, safe, and taking proper social distancing precautions. 

Contact Kristina Keppel by phone (414-617-2990) or email (klkeppel@gmail.com)

Pay: $20/hour