Online Courses

Welcome to the College of Education!

We understand the role of education in advancing careers and enhancing effectiveness. We also understand that for many, continuing education is not just a good idea — it's a requirement.

With those ideas in mind, we occasionally offer online course options to more effectively meet your needs as practicing teachers and business professionals in the 21st century. For more details, please see the Snapshot of classes.

Online Course FAQs

Will I ever have to come to campus?

We schedule face-to-face meetings for most classes at the beginning and end of each semester. On-campus attendance is not a requirement, but we encourage you to attend if you are within a reasonable driving distance.

What if I can't make the first meeting?

Please contact the professor before the meeting to let him/her know if you are unable to make the first meeting. There is no penalty for not making the meeting, but attendance is encouraged.

How much time do I have to set aside each week for courses?

Our online courses have the same academic requirements as our in-person ones. We recommend between eight-12 hours per week per course.

Will there be times I will be required to be online?

In general, all course work is asynchronous, meaning you can do your course work at any time of the day or night. On a rare occasion, a professor may ask for a live online chat. If this occurs, a mutual time will be agreed upon by all course participants.

Does the course last for the whole semester? Or do I have to be finished with all of my work by the end of the term?

Each course begins at the beginning of the traditional Marquette semester and ends when the traditional semester ends. Participation in discussions is required weekly, and assignments and projects are submitted online throughout the semester.

Do I need textbooks? How do I order them?

You can use the CheckMarq registration system to look up books for courses. Textbooks can be purchased through online book stores (i.e. or through one of the campus book stores.