EDST Major in Educational Studies

EDST Major:

Students with an Educational Studies major can pursue careers in informal learning environments (e.g., recreational programs, zoos, museums, ecology centers) as well as a wide range of non-profit organizations and foundations. Educational Studies majors are also positioned to complete graduate or professional programs in disciplines such as educational policy, psychology, counseling, social work, communications, organizational leadership, teaching, higher education or law, among others.

Students who select this program must complete the following components:

  • The Marquette Core Curriculum
  • The College of Education core requirements
  • An academic major from the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences or the Diederich College of Communication in addition to the Educational Studies Major

Students who intend to complete the Educational Studies major through Marquette University's College of Education are strongly encouraged to meet with the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Advising and Student Services, Tina McNamara, as early as possible to avoid delays in their program.

Suggested curriculum (subject to change depending on course availability and/ or requirements)

Freshman Year:
•    Introduction to Schooling in a Diverse Society*
•    Psychology of Human Development in Children and Adolescents in a Diverse Society*
•    Rhetoric and Composition I & II
•    Foreign Language I & 11
•    Introduction to Theology
•    Service Learning
•    Non-Western History
•    Biology for Non-Science Majors or Major Concepts in Modern Science
•    Earth and Environmental Physics or Major Concepts in Modern Science

Sophomore Year:
•    Introduction to Learning and Assessment*
•    History
•    Mathematical Reasoning
•    Individual and Social Behavior
•    Four Major Courses
•    Educational Studies Elective
•    Service Learning

Junior Year:
•    Diversity in Organizations*
•    Critical Inquiry into Contemporary Issues*
•    Human Nature and Ethics
•    Four Major Courses
•    Theology Elective
•    Literature/Performing Arts Elective
•    Elective
•    Educational Studies Elective
•    Service Learning

Senior Year:
•    Philosophy of Education*
•    Educational Studies Seminar*
•    Senior Internship I* & II*
•    Two Major Courses
•    Fine Arts Elective
•    Three Elective Courses

*Required courses