EDST Minor in Educational Studies

EDST Minor:

Students interested in a minor in Educational Studies should consult the Assistant Dean Undergraduate Advising and Student Services for the College of Education, Tina McNamara.

The Educational Studies minor requires 18 credit hours:

Two courses (EDUC 1210, EDUC 1220) require participation in 20 hours of service-learning experiences, and one course (EDUC 4986) requires a minimum of 140 hours in an internship experience. The three additional Educational Studies electives also require service-learning.

Required Courses {all courses are 3 credits}
•    EDUC 1210 Introduction to Schooling in a Diverse Society*
•    EDUC 1220 Psychology of Human Development in Children and Adolescents in a Diverse Society*
     OR PSYC 3101 Developmental Psychology: Conception Through Adolescence
•    EDUC 4986 Senior Internship I

Elective Courses {all courses are 3 credits) - Complete three of the following**
•    CMST 2100 Interpersonal Communication
•    CMST3200 Organizational Communication
•    CMST4130 Communication and Urban Families
•    EDUC'2227 Introduction to Learning and Assessment***
•    EDUC 4217 Methods of Teaching Children/Youth with Exceptional Needs***
•    EDUC 4230 learning and linguistic Diversity
•    EDUC 4240 Critical Inquiry into Contemporary Issues***
•    EDUC 4540 Philosophy of Education***
•    EDUC/PSYC/SPPA 4931Autism for the Professions***
•    MANA 3001 Behavior and Organization
•    PSYC 3320 Cognition
•    SOCI 2200 The Family
•    SOCI 3200 Social Problems in Urban Society
•    SOCI 4270 Urban Sociology
•    SOWJ 1001 Introduction to Social Welfare and Justice
•    SOWJ 2150 Immigrants and Their Communities
•    SOWJ 2200 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
•    SOWJ 2300 Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice

*Course includes 20 hours of Service Learning.
**Students need to confirm with instructors that the course selections include Service Learning.
***Electives that are highly recommended.