Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director of Microsensors Research Laboratoryand Director of Graduate Studies
Haggerty Hall 294
(414) 288-6789
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Research Interests

  • Solid state and acoustic wave sensors (chemical sensors, biochemical sensors, biosensors)
  • Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) devices and sensors
  • Optical waveguide-based sensors
  • Smart sensor systems

Professional Preparation

Ph.D., 1982, Electrical Engineering, University of Maine at Orono 
M.S., 1979, Electrical Engineering, University of Maine at Orono
License, 1976, Mathematics & Physics, Université du Benin

Selected Recent Publications

Sotoudegan, M., Heinrich, S. M., Josse, F. J., Nigro, N. J., Dufour, I., Brand, O. (2015). Analytical Modeling of a Novel High-Q Disk Resonator for Liquid-Phase Applications. Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 24 (1), 38-49.

Bender, F., Mohler, R. E., Ricco, A. J., Josse, F. J. (2014). Analysis of Binary Mixtures of Aqueous Aromatic Hydrocarbons with Low-Phase-Noise Shear-Horizontal Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors Using Multielectrode Transducer Designs. Analytical Chemistry, 86, 11464–11471.

Mensah-Brown, A. K., Wenzel, M. J., Bender, F., Josse, F. J. (2014). Analysis of the absorption kinetics for the detection of parathion using hybrid organic/inorganic coating on SH-SAW devices in aqueous solution. Sensors and Actuators B, 196, 504-510.

Dufour, I., Lemaire, E., Caillard, B., Debeda, H., Lucat, C., Heinrich, S. M., Josse, F. J., Brand, O. (2014). Effect of hydrodynamic force on microcantilevers vibrations: Applications to liquid-phase chemical sensing. Sensors and Actuators B, 192, 664-672.

Bender, F., Mohler, R., Ricco, A. J., Josse, F. J. (2014). Identification and Quantification of Aqueous Aromatic Hydrocarbons Using SH-Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors. Analytical Chemistry, 86, 1794–1799.

Sothivelr, K., Bender, F., Yaz, E. E., Josse, F. J., Mohler, R. E., J, A. (2014). Near-Real-Time Analysis of Binary Mixtures of Organic Compounds in Water using SH-SAW Sensors and Estimation Theory. IEEE Sensors, 578–581.

ElBsat, M. N., Yaz, E. E., Schneider, S. C., Dufour, I., Josse, F. J. (2013). Nonlinear Estimation Of Fluid Properties Using The Time Domain Response Of A Vibrating Microcantilever. International Journal of Modeling and Simulation, 33 (4).

Schultz, J. A., Heinrich, S. M., Josse, F. J., Nigro, N. J., Dufour, I., Beardslee, L. A., Brand, O. (2013). Timoshenko beam effects in lateral-mode microcantilevers-based sensors in liquids. Micro & Nano Letters, 8 (4), 762-765.

Mensah-Brown, A. K., Mlambo, D., Schneider, S. C., Josse, F. J. (2012). In IEEE (Ed.), Analysis of the Detection of organophosphates Pesticides in Aqueous Solutions Using Hydrogen- Bond Acidic Coating on SH-SAW Devices. IEEE Sensors Journal, 12 (5), 893-903.

Beardslee, L., Josse, F. J., Heinrich, S. M., Dufour, I., Brand, O. (2012). In Elsevier (Ed.), Geometrical Considerations for the Design of Liquid-Phase BioChemical Sensors Using a Cantilever’s Fundamental In-Plane Mode. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 164 (1), 7-14.


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