*There are several specializations for the Ph.D. program. Click here for more details regarding degree specializations.


Ph.D. Requirements:

Courses and Requirements

Ph.D. (with MS): 24 post-master's credit hours of course work, plus an additional 12 dissertation credits. (A master's degree is considered to be the equivalent of 24 course work credits, so that this course work requirement is the equivalent of 48 credits beyond the bachelor's degree, exclusive of dissertation credits.)

  • Completion of a Doctoral Program Planning Form by end of first year of full-time studies with help of research advisor
  • Completion of the doctoral written qualifying examination (WQE) by the end of their third semester of study
  • Course requirements are listed and determined by the selected specialization
  • 24 credit hours of course work
  • 12 credit hours of dissertation work
  • At least 18 of the 24 credits of course work must be taken in EECE
  • EECE 6952 Department colloquium required each semester for all full-time students
  • EECE 8999 Doctoral Dissertation
  • Students must successfully complete a dissertation together with a public dissertation defense of their work.
  • Completion of all university Graduate School requirements and forms.
  • Assessment Rubrics
  • Assessment Rubrics Fillable Form 

Full details of the doctoral program can be found in the EECE Graduate Student Handbook

Ph.D. (with BS): Direct admission into the Ph.D. program for qualified students with only a BS degree.

48 post-baccalaureate's credit hours of course work, plus an additional 12 dissertation credits. Students must first complete the requirements for the MS degree (i.e. 24 credit hours of course work) before officially continuing in the PhD program. Students may elect, in consultation with their research advisor, to receive the MS degree, and then continue towards the Ph.D. degree. Other requirements are similar to the ones listed above.