EHDHP Non Single

Embedded High Deductible Health Plan (EHDHP) - Non Single


Points Earned

(November 20, 2018 – November 19, 2019)

Percentage of Total 2020 HSA Contribution Earned

Total 2020 HSA Contribution Earned

Raffle Tickets Earned  (November 20, 2018 – November 19, 2019)

1 3,000 25%* $125.00* 1
2 15,000 50%* $250.00* 3
3 30,000 75%* $375.00* 5
4 45,000 100%* $500.00* 10

Changes in How to Earn Your 2020 HSA Contribution. You can now take part in Marquette Wellness programs and services throughout the year to earn points to help you earn your 2020 HSA contribution. This year, you will have from November 20, 2018 – November 19, 2019 to earn up to 45,000 points and 100% of your 2020 HSA contribution. Biometric Screenings and Health Risk Assessments are now optional, but both activities can still be completed to earn points towards your 2020 HSA contribution. We encourage you to choose wellness opportunities that support your personal wellbeing. Please see the ”How to Earn” page for more information.


*Partial HSA Contributions Can Be Earned. If you are an employee with a spouse on the medical plan, the earnings for your 2020 HSA contribution will be earned jointly. By signing up for the EHDHP, the total amount you can earn is $500. Both the employee and their spouse must reach 45,000 points (Level 4) to earn all $500, but you can now earn a partial HSA contribution. For example, if the employee reaches level 2, and the employee’s spouse reaches level 4, total earnings will be equal to the highest level earned by both the employee and the spouse; therefore, 50% of the 2020 HSA Contribution will still be received in this case ($250). Raffle tickets are earned independently (see below).


Raffle Ticket Entries. Raffle ticket entries are earned as you reach each level and give you a chance to win quarterly giveaways through the wellness portal. More than 70 prizes will be given away each quarter, with drawings held in February 2019, May 2019, August 2019 and November 2019.


Additional HSA Contribution. Please note that the additional $500 contribution to your HSA account made by Marquette University is independent of the money earned above using the wellness portal. If you sign up for the Embedded High Deductible Health Plan (EHDHP), Marquette University will provide this additional $500 HSA contribution to your account regardless of whether you participate in the activities offered through the wellness portal.