How Quickly Do My Points Add Up

For a detailed list of how to earn points, log in to the Virgin Pulse portal, go to the “Rewards” tab and scroll to “How To Earn.” There is also a “How to Earn Rewards” quick guide.

  1. Receive 40 points a day for doing your cards. (14,600 points/yr)
    • Completing 10-20 cards in a month yields an additional 100-200 points each month (1,200-2,400 points/year) Total =17,000 points/yr for daily cards
  2. Track any 3 healthy habits of your choice and earn 30 points per day (10,950 points/year)
    • Tracking healthy habits 10-20 days of the month earns 200-300 extra points each month (2,400 -3,600 points/yr) Total =14,550 points/yr for healthy habits
  3. You can earn 250 points for doing your dental exams (2/yr), eye exam (1x/yr), and flu shot (1x/yr) Total =1,000 points for preventive care
  4. If you complete your HRA you will receive 2,500 points.
  5. If you complete your biometric screening you will receive 4,500 points.

Those who complete all of the above activities, would receive 39,550 points.


Ways to earn the remaining 5,450 points:

  1. Set your interests. (100 points/qtr)
  2. Complete the nicotine free agreement. (250 points/yr)
  3. Attend GROW classes or Faber Center events (50 points/event), and group fitness or meditation classes (25 points/class) on campus.
  4. Complete the Retire U Freshman or Sophomore series. (500 points)
  5. Visit a MU Health Station in the Wellness Center or Dental School to track weight or blood pressure. (500 points/month)
  6. Track activity with a validated tracker (Iphone, Max Buzz, Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, etc.) and receive 10 points for every 1000 steps you take. 7,000 steps/day would earn you 70 points/day for activity. (25,550 points/yr)
    • Taking 7000 steps/day 20 days/month earns you an additional 400 points/month. (4,800 points/yr)
  7. Track sleep with a validated tracker and earn 20 points per day (7,300 points/yr), plus an additional 50 points/day for getting >7hrs of sleep each night (18,250 points/yr)
  8. Track calories with MyFitnessPal and earn 20 points/day. (7,300 points/yr)
    • Tracking calories 10-20 days in a month earns you 200-300 additional points/month. (2,400-3,600 points/yr)
  9. Browse healthy recipes and earn 10 points/day. (3,650 points/yr)

This list is not all inclusive. Please see the How to Earn page for a detailed list of ways to earn points. If you didn’t start using the portal right away, partial contributions can be earned. In fact, you can earn 75 percent of your contribution by reaching 30,000 points. Additionally, just by using the portal, you will be entered to win raffle prizes.

For more information, visit the Wellness web page on the Virgin Pulse Wellness Portal.