Marquette Wellness Center

The Marquette Wellness Center recently flooded due to a broken water line. The fitness area flooring had to be removed and we are in the process of having the flooring replaced. At this time, you can still use the showers/changing rooms. Once the space is available, all members with card swipe access will be notified.


The Marquette Wellness Center is a FREE, wellness space dedicated to faculty and staff on campus. The space can be used for workouts, meditation, or even wellness related events. The Marquette Wellness Center is open 24/7 and includes a conference room, a fitness area, two changing rooms with showers, two restrooms, and a quiet space/work area. You must complete the online liability waiver to be granted card swipe access to the space. Please read through the below guidelines and rules and responsibilities before using the space. 


Access to this space is through the lower level of Coughlin Hall from the outside, south facing entrance. The entrance and exit are the same. Please do not exit the door in the conference room space unless it is an emergency. An alarm will sound and MUPD will be notified.


Guidelines for Using the Marquette Wellness Center

  • Once you have completed the online liability waiver, you will be added to a distribution list titled "CO-024-MWC-Access." Through this group you will have access to booking the Wellness Center for workouts/meditation and you can send emails to the group using this list. The room to schedule is titled "CO-024-MWC" and you can add this calendar to the calendars that are displayed in Microsoft Outlook so you can see the times that are available for use. Please see our instructions for how to add the calendar and how to schedule a room in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office Online (
  • When reserving the space, we ask that your reservation title be written with what class you will be doing. Once you reserve the space the reservation would pop up like this (Kipp, Kristin Yoga). Others will see this reservation and know that they can come join in the yoga class if desired. Classes included on the immersive fitness system are: Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, Cardio Kickboxing, and Latin Dance. If you are doing your own workout without the immersive system, please title your event as "Workout" so people will know they can come in and do their own workout as well. As this is a shared space, all will be welcome to join in the workout or class using the immersive fitness system that you scheduled, as long as space permits. The maximum capacity is set to 10-12 people. If you see a reservation in the space written any other way, please do not disrupt the scheduled programming that is taking place. We may always have group fitness classes, GROW Classes, Retreats, etc. scheduled. Reservations for individual workouts may not be scheduled more than 8 weeks out. Please note that you may be asked to reschedule your workout if the space is needed for wellness related events scheduled through the Marquette Wellness Program
  • If you are just riding your bike to work and want to use the shower/changing room facilities, you do not have to schedule the space. A bike rack has been installed outside for your convenience. No bikes are allowed inside the space.
  • Anyone wishing to schedule the Marquette Wellness Center conference room for group related wellness events/meetings/team building/retreats/class/etc. will need to book the space through Kristin Kipp. In consideration for others, only one room will be in use at a time.

Things to Remember When Using the Marquette Wellness Center

  • Instructions for how to use the immersive fitness system are located in the room near the touch screen panel. Please ensure that the projectors and monitor are turned off when you are through.
  • The Marquette Wellness Center is a FREE, dedicated wellness space for Marquette faculty and staff ONLY. Spouses will only be allowed in the Marquette Wellness Center for scheduled programming that is open to spouses such as WW Workshops andFitPass programming.
    1. No friends/family members who do not work at Marquette
    2. No employees at Marquette who have not signed the online liability waiver
    3. No students
  • For your safety, there are cameras in the fitness area and conference room, an emergency phone and AED in the fitness area, and panic alarms in each of the changing rooms.

Rules and Responsibilities

Because this is a shared space, with no dedicated staff, we ask that you follow a few simple rules for using this facility.

  • When entering the Marquette Wellness Center, please place your objects in the changing rooms. Hooks and cubbies have been provided for you. Please do not bring your items into the fitness area. We want to create a clutter free, welcoming environment for all who enter.
  • Please make sure to bring a pair of clean shoes to use the fitness facility when it is raining or snowing outside. Dirty shoes may be left inside the entry way. This space will only be cleaned once a week so it is important that we are not tracking mud, water, and salt all over the floor.
  • After showering, please clean up after yourself. We ask that you use the provided spray cleaner to spray down the walls and be mindful of how you leave the space for others. You will need to bring your own towel, soap, and shampoo/conditioner. These items may not be left in the space. 
  • When using equipment in the fitness space, please ensure you are placing it back where it belongs when you are done. If you are using a mat, please use the wipes located above the garbage can to wipe it down before hanging it back up. If you are using the immersive fitness system, please turn the projectors and monitor off.
  • Food and beverages, except water, are not allowed in the fitness space or in the changing rooms. 
  • If you are bringing your own items into the space to do your workout, these items may not be left in the space. This includes yoga mats, towels, etc.
  • If you are the last one to leave the space, please ensure that the lights are turned off.

Questions: Thank you in advance for helping to make the Marquette Wellness Center a safe, welcoming space for all who enter. If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact Kristin Kipp at or (414) 288-5607.

Immerisve Yoga

Immersive Fitness System Classes

Classes available on our immersive fitness system include yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, cardio kickboxing and Latin dance. Because kickboxing requires some higher safety precautions, we have created a safety video to show you how to perform all the hits and kicks.