Wellness Initiative Fund Grant Guidelines

Marquette Wellness has developed a mini-grant program for departments or areas on campus to enhance their employees’ well-being. Our goal is to change the environment in which we work. We believe that changing our culture to support healthy behaviors at work will not only have a lasting impact on employee well-being, but also help to build a campus community that is supportive of health and well-being while fostering positivity and fun. Marquette Wellness has a budget to award up to $2,000 for each department/area, and will be awarding up to $30,000 in funding for FY 2020. We encourage creative and long-term solutions to support wellness in your department and across campus. 

Who Can Apply?

All faculty and staff are eligible. Any department/area on campus can apply, but only one application per area will be accepted each year. Collaboration is encouraged. For example, if you work in a building that houses multiple offices, there may be common area, space, or idea that could be improved for the good of all. We would also like to see applications capable of affecting the campus community as a whole. For example, how can we enhance existing spaces for all employees? In turn, this might also support student wellness, furthering our overall culture as it relates to health and well-being.

How Much Money Will Be Awarded?

Up to $2,000 will be awarded to each department/area based on the amount of impact you will have. Marquette Wellness will be responsible for helping to coordinate and pay for the request. No funds will be transferred. A total of $30,000 of funding is available for FY 2020.

How Much Detail Should Be Included In My Application?

Your application should include enough detail to provide a clear picture of:

  • the goal(s) you are trying to accomplish;
  • the projected impact of your project;
  • how you will ensure a continued focus on employee’s wellbeing in the long term;
  • if your project will involve partnerships with other areas on campus;
  • the leadership support;
  • how this will build community and a wellness culture; and
  • the estimated cost of your project.

When Will I Find Out If My Proposal Has Been Approved?

At this time, it mini-grant proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis on the first Wednesday of every month. Only one proposal will be accepted from each area/department. We may reach out to see if your project can be dovetailed with another proposal in the event of overlap. A framework will be put in place to guide the decision-making process and ensure a fair and objective approval process.

What Involvement Will Marquette Wellness Have In The Planning And Implementation Of My Proposal?

Each department/area is responsible for developing their idea. The Wellness Implementation Committee will review and approve the funding of mini-grant proposals. The Director of Employee Benefits, Steven McCauley, will work with the department/area lead to help implement the project, and will be available for any questions during the process.

What Follow Up/Evaluation Is Required?

Marquette Wellness will send out an evaluation once the project is deemed complete. This evaluation is required and all personnel who benefited from this project will be asked to complete the survey. Each project may be different, so therefore a timeline will be developed during the implementation phase. The department/area representative on the grant will also be responsible for writing a short success story for their area, including a photo, that will be shared with all employees on campus.

Can We Apply For Another Grant The Following Year?

Funds will be designated for as many new areas/ideas as possible, and we would like to see a long-term plan for how your area will continue to support employee well-being in the future. Repeated projects should only be considered to help expand current efforts to create a lasting impact on well-being and culture in the workplace. Applications not funded previously will receive priority consideration.

What Are Some Examples Of Grants That Have Been Awarded?

Marquette Wellness has funded several grants since January 2018 such as:

  • a walking treadmill desk station through which everyone can rotate;
  • creating a break room/gathering space
  • enhancing lighting in your space

Other examples could include:

  • a wellness/quiet room in your area where people can meditate, stretch, or new moms can use as a lactation space;
  • enhancement of areas on campus such as the AMU Interfaith Prayer & Meditation Room or other common spaces that employees may use/gather such as creating Zen gardens/community spaces on campus

This money has also been used to purchase an outdoor prayer labyrinth for campus, revamping MUPD's workout space, and purchasing outdoor workout equipment for the Marquette Mile.

Preference for funding will be given to long-term projects with a higher impact. The above are all examples of ideas that could have a lasting effect. Ideas that may be more short-term and would require additional action in your area to continue may be considered such as a fresh fruit delivery. Also, please note that the money should not be used to purchase individual office equipment or supplies, for one-time classes, etc. 

For ideas that don’t enhance the physical infrastructure/or are not permanent, we require a plan for how you will continue once this project has ended. Please include information in your grant application regarding how you plan to continue/expand on your initial award to achieve a lasting outcome.

Ready to Apply?

You can submit your grant application online.