During lunch, let's take some time to get to know each other! This is a space for dialogue and diving deeper into an aspect of restorative justice you’d like to learn more about. Lunch Dialogues are a discussion, not a presentation; come with your thoughts and questions. Each topic is centered in bringing awareness surrounding the criminal justice system and equality in America.

What would you like to explore? Grab your lunch before proceeding to your chosen dialogue. We are hoping to keep groups to 8-10 people so if you enter a room with more than that number please choose another room. 

The topics you’re able to choose from are: 

  • How can diverse academic disciplines approach Restorative Justice?
    • Facilitator: Cassondra Thornton
    • Room: 112
  • What is our role as college students in work towards a more just world?
    • Facilitator: Grace Alvarez
    • Room: 119
  • Prison Reform
    • Facilitator: Miranda Spindt
    • Room: 120
  • Black History Month
    • Facilitator: Samari Price
    • Room: 116
  • The Education System & Restorative Justice
    • Facilitator: Nora Graham
    • Room 128
  • Our Home Context: Why these conversations matter in Milwaukee
    • Facilitator: Bridgeman Flowers
    • Room: 160
  • Families and Communities
    • Facilitator: Kat Becker
    • Room: 125