Leadership Development Model

Contemplatives in Action graphic

About the Model

Guided by the mission of Marquette as a Catholic, Jesuit university, our goal is the formation of persons who will dedicate their lives to the service of others, actively entering into the struggle for a more just society.

We do this by helping students become “Contemplatives in Action” who engage in the Ignatian practice of reflection and discernment.

Marquette graduates will humbly encounter the world as Contemplatives in Action. These reflective leaders respond to the wisdom in their lived experiences. In spending time in discernment and prayer, they will choose action that contributes to the work of justice for the Greater Glory of God. An active life feeds a contemplative life.


Marquette leaders recognize their gifts and talents and see themselves as loved individuals. Through the recognition of the self as a loved person, one is able to be in community with others.


Leadership starts from within. It is about looking inside (i.e. reflection) and then making decisions based on the movements of the soul. The action evolves out of self-reflection and discernment. When one realizes that they are a cherished person, full of dignity they then see the dignity in others. Action is other oriented (group and community).

Given student development and leadership theories, we know that persons are in continual development (we are always becoming). The ellipsis represents this continual movement.

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