Why Choose A Degree In Healthcare Technologies Management

Employment opportunities for engineers and other technical professionals exist in medical device companies, hospitals, and healthcare consulting firms. Each of these career paths involves the management of healthcare technology.

Typically, new graduates with no work experience possess solid technical skills but lack training in business, management, and regulatory issues. Their backgrounds in product development and project management tend to be weak, and they lack an understanding of the economic and regulatory environments of healthcare delivery. Many experienced engineers need management skills for career advancement. Thus, new graduates preparing for career placement, as well as experienced professionals preparing for career advancement, are in need of formal training in business, management and other areas. Additional technical training allows students to strengthen and update their technical skills.

Medical device companies, hospitals, and healthcare consulting firms need technical professionals with technical and business training, and an understanding of the economic and regulatory aspects of healthcare delivery. Engineers working in these environments have some unique educational needs that are not addressed by most undergraduate or graduate engineering programs. The Healthcare Technologies Management Program is designed to meet the educational needs of these technical professionals and their employers.

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