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Interested in learning more about engineering at Marquette from one of our current students or staff members? 

Meet our Engineering Student & Staff Ambassadors 

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Antonio C.Antonio C. 

Hometown: Berwyn, Illinois 

Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Minor: Electrical Engineering

Graduation Year: 2022

Activities: Engineering Student Ambassador, Engineering Student Council, American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME), Marquette Robotics, Marquette Mentors Program 

Why Marquette Engineering? I chose Marquette because of the great sense of community that I felt when I visited the campus and the Opus College of Engineering. Additionally, I felt that the programs within engineering, like co-ops and internships, would give me the most success after graduation. 

Career Goals: I hope to use my degree to work either in the automotive or aerospace industry. Ultimately, my goal is to work for either NASA or SpaceX and work on any robotic / automation projects that they may have. 

Marissa D.Marissa D. 

Hometown: Bloomington, Minnesota

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Spanish Literature & Culture

Graduation Year: 2022

Activities: Engineering Student Ambassador, Society of Women Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Revive (plastic recycling makerspace), Introduction to Engineering Teaching Assistant, Marquette Honors Program

Co-op, Internship or Research: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow in shock physics, Co-op at Husco (summer 2020) 

Why Marquette Engineering? I chose Marquette because I love the size and big city feel, and I knew that I would be getting so much more than a degree. I have been given amazing opportunities to broaden my learning in and out of the classroom, and I know that my faculty, advisors and peers are here to provide me the best education and college experience possible. In engineering especially, I feel that my professors are preparing me for real-life problem solving and whatever the future holds for me. 

Career Goals: I am passionate about tackling the world's energy issues and I hope to work in renewable energy. I can picture a master's degree in my future and plenty of traveling with my job. 

seamush enrollment ambassadorSeamus H. 

 Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Major: Biomedical Engineering (Bioelectronics) 

Graduation Year: 2021

Activities: Marquette Mentors Program, Biomedical Engineering Society, Robotics Team, Marquette Honors Program

Co-op, Internship or Research: Process Engineering Co-op, Tapemark; Electrical Engineering Internship, Milwaukee Tool; Research Assistant, Power Electronics Lab, Opus College of Engineering

Why Marquette Engineering? Marquette's focus on a liberal arts education was part of what drew me to become a Marquette Engineer. While the technical Engineering skills I've learned are important, the essential skills I've developed at Marquette are even more important to me. When I was in high school, I had a family friend who was a Marquette Engineering Alumni, who struck me as extremely principled and deeply caring. When I was touring colleges, Marquette Engineers seemed special because they didn't just think about how to do something, but also about the ethical implications of their work. 

Career Goals: After graduation, I want to work with a company that is pushing the envelope on sustainability, whether it be through outside-of-the-box sustainable transportation, creating less environmentally impactful alternatives to meat, or developing a more renewable energy-based electricity grid. I also want to continue to mentor adolescents through a robotics team and help develop future generations of passionate problem solvers.

Teddy M.Teddy M.

Hometown: Wharton, New Jersey

Major: Construction Engineering

Minors: Business Administration 

Graduation Year: 2021

Activities: Engineering Student Ambassador, intramural softball, tutor in the Office for Student Educational Services, American Society of Civil Engineers, Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honor Society, Alpha Sigma Nu National Jesuit Honor Society, President of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society 

Co-op, Internship or Research: ARCO Design Build

Why Marquette Engineering? I chose Marquette Engineering for a few reasons. The new state-of-the-art facilities in Engineering Hall, small to medium class sizes, and the urban campus setting / environment all weighed heavily in my decision, but ultimately it came down to the fit and how I felt when I visited Marquette for the first time. It just felt like it was the right place for me. 

Career Goals: After graduation, I plan to pursue a job as a project manager for a prime / general contractor. I would also like to work in the commercial or industrial construction sectors. I also do plan on pursuing an MBA as I look to take on upper management in the long term of my career. 

Sophia_SSophia S.


Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Major: Biomedical Engineering (Bioelectronics)

Minor: Electrical Engineering, Spanish for the Health Professions

Grad Year: May 2021

Activities: Engineering Student Ambassador, Engineers without Borders (EWB), Engineers in the Lead, Society of Biomedical Engineering (BMES), Marquette Rock Climbing Club, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, Alpha Eta Mu Beta Biomedical Engineering Honor Society and Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Honor Society

Co-Op, Internship or Research: Medtronic (Cardiac Rhythm and Heart Failure Unit Systems Engineering)

Why MU Engineering? The first time I visited Marquette, I just knew it was the right fit for me! I loved the class sizes and all of the opportunities for hands-on learning. The idea of connecting with my professors on more of a one-on-one basis was also a perk. I love how the Jesuit ideals of service are also evident throughout the college. I feel like all of my professors are here to help me succeed and give me problem-solving techniques for the future. The big city feel of Milwaukee was also a draw - so many fun restaurants and places to explore here!

Career Goals: I am passionate about medical devices and healthcare, especially in developing nations. I hope my future is filled with traveling and working alongside these communities. I also plan to attend graduate school at some point.

Shahd S.Shahd S. 

Hometown: Ramallah, Palestine 

Major: Biomedical Engineering (Biomechanical)

Graduation Year: 2022

Activities: Engineering Student Ambassador, E-Lead, Engineering Student Council, Society of Women Engineers, Students for Justice in Palestine, Marquette Global Involvement Advisory Committee

Co-op, Internship or Research: Aptar

Why Marquette Engineering? Marquette offers its engineering students various opportunities for hands-on experience and become part of the community that surrounds the campus. Also, the size of our college allows for more one-on-one interaction with professors which helps you in understanding the material better and being more comfortable in class. Marquette Engineering is one big family where everyone helps you figure out your path and provides you opportunities and guidance to reach your goals. 

Career Goals: I'm studying biomedical engineering because I believe in equal access to healthcare everywhere. I aspire to be working to improve healthcare in third world countries, like my home country of Palestine, and to find new, cost effective medical equipment to be used. I would also like to get my master's degree. 

Kamila T.Kamila T. 

Hometown: Barrington, Illinois

Major: Civil Engineering

Graduation Year: 2023

Activities: Engineering Student Ambassador, Engineers Without Borders, Alpha Phi, E-Lead 

Co-op, Internship or Research: Structural engineering, Co-op at HGA, former intern at Findorff, former research assistant, environmental engineering

Why Marquette Engineering? As a first-generation student, I had a hard time determining where I wanted to spend my college experience. However, when I toured Marquette and had the opportunities to talk to current students and faculty, I had a good feeling in my gut that this was where I wanted to be. The excellent engineering program, Jesuit mission and Milwaukee city life were all a plus within that decision! 

Career Goals: After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in structural engineering or architecture. I also hope to attend graduate school at some point. 

Meet our staff

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Mark FederleMark Federle, Ph.D., P.E., CPC 

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Places I've Lived: Indiana, Michigan, Colorado, Iowa and Wisconsin

Education: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, B.S. in Civil Engineering Construction; University of Michigan, M.S. in Construction Engineering and Management; University of Michigan, Ph.D. in Construction Engineering and Management 

Why I work at Marquette: The students really do embody “Be the Difference” and “Men and Women for Others”. I have a passion for teaching and it is a thrill to see some of my former students as CEOs, COOs, and giving back to make the world a better place using their engineering skills.

Marquette Involvement: I am very active with Engineers without Borders – I have traveled to Guatemala 16+ times to build bridges, schools, water tanks and electrify a village. I teach freshman to seniors on Construction Engineering topics and also provide seminars to working professionals, sometimes using the same topic with both in the same week. I also get the chance to work with our Engineering Student Council to help improve the college and have fun!