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1001 Rhetoric & Composition 1
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English 1001, Rhetoric and Composition 1

Students learn to:

1002 Rhetoric & Composition 2
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English 1002, Rhetoric and Composition 2

Students learn to:

1301 Honors English 1

ENGL course number 1301 fulfills the University Core of Common Studies requirement in Literature/Performing Arts (LPA)

English 1301 is the first course in the 2-course Honors English sequence for first-year Honors students. Each 1301 section is paired with a section of Philosophy 1001, Human Nature. In English 1301 students study British literary texts dating from the medieval period to about 1800, focusing on analysis and interpretation and on argumentative writing skills. Many of the questions raised during the semester will be explored in the light of what students are also learning in Philosophy.


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