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I come from a long line of storytellers—schoolteachers, farmers, military and medical professionals. Much of what I know and value about life was given to me in the form of stories around the kitchen table or a campfire. In front of a class, my teaching is often grounded in the storytelling of historical events and cultural perspectives. I am interested in the many ways those stories are told and retold over time. One of my teaching goals is for my students to be able to access their own story along with an awareness of their place in the world.

I work at being a writer, teacher, graphic designer, and sports fanatic. My academic experience includes Weber State University (BA), Pacific University (MFA), and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (PhD). For five years at UWM, I taught creative writing, first-year composition, and research writing; I also served as a Fiction Editor for cream city review.

My current writing in-progress includes two novels, some short fiction, and a creative nonfiction project about boxing and violence. Research for some of my work involves studying the nature of genocide, American sports culture, genetic predisposition, and fly fishing. I love birds, my family, and a good cup of coffee.

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