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My scholarship and teaching reflect my interdisciplinary education and work experience. I earned an Honors B.A. in psychology and Italian studies minor (Marquette University) and an M.A. in composition studies and English as a Second Language (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee). I completed my Ph.D. in rhetoric and composition with emphases on technical communication and the rhetoric of health and medicine (Purdue University). While I was in school, I worked as an academic tutor, as academic support staff for university athletics, and as a veterinary assistant. I also earned my Emergency Medical Technician-Basic certificate.

By working and studying in those spaces, I learned that my favorite part about them was the interaction among people: supporting students as they learned course content, teaching pet owners how to best care for their pets, learning how paramedics remembered and communicated vast amounts of information in a short period of time, and understanding how writing facilitated action in these contexts.

These experiences have led me to study and to teach written communication. The research and teaching fields of rhetoric of health and medicine and technical communication allow me and my students to contribute to the medical field in important—and sometimes unexpected—ways. My two current research projects address how healthcare professionals manage changing, urgent medical information. The first project examines how emergency medical services providers communicate in their unpredictable, fast-paced workplace. The second project investigates how public health providers manage risk communication during health crises. Thinking ahead, I would like to extend my research to geriatric medicine.

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