Ronald Bieganowski, S.J.


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Literature and Rhetoric, from the beginnings of higher education, helped define the course of university study, confirming the central, enduring question - what does it mean to be human. Literary artists respond, "So, 'You want to know what it means to be human? Let me tell you a story. Let me sing you a song." And so the fun begins for us who teach English.

Teaching undergraduates at Marquette has been my major work since 1976: it's been a wonderful experience. Regularly I've taught a two semester survey of American Literature along with sections of the First Year Writing course and upper divisions courses such as "American Literature from 1798 - 1865," "The Poetry of Robert Frost," "Catholic Imagination in Recent American Writing," and "Recent Midwest Writings." Specific research has been on Robert Frost, Edgar Allan Poe, and James Baldwin.

These many years have meant experiencing what the Frost poem describes as uniting "My avocation and my vocation/ As my two eyes make one in sight."

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