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ENGL courses numbers 1301-2740 fulfill the University Core of Common Studies requirement in Literature/Performing Arts (LPA)

UCCS Learning Objectives for Literature and Performing Arts (LPA)
Upon completing these courses, students will be able to:
(1) Produce oral and written assessments of literary and cultural texts and/or performances using the language and concepts of the discipline of literary studies.
(2) Articulate how literary and cultural texts can transform one’s understanding of self, others, and communities.
(3) Apply the methodologies of literary criticism to representative works of literature.

1301 Honors English 1

2310 Introduction to Global Literature

2410 Introduction to British Literature 1

2510 Introduction to American Literature 1

2710 Introduction to Literature: Fiction

2720 Introduction to Literature: Drama

2730 Introduction to Literature: Poetry


2740 Reading Film as Narrative & Discussion Section


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