Overview: The First-Year English (FYE) Program administers 2 courses, ENGL 1001 and 1002, designed to be taken in sequence and in person during students' first year of college. The English as a Second Language Program offers designated ESLP sections of both courses along with related supporting curricula, and Professional Studies delivers sections specially designed for students in that program.

Over the past 3 years, 80-89% of incoming Marquette undergraduates enroll in one or both FYE courses. Program-wide, instructors teach common syllabi. Both ENGL 1001 and ENGL 1002 contain 4 distinct, 3- to 4-week units plus a 5th that focuses on revision. Across sections, students complete the same main assignments, and they engage in regular reflective writing.

In practice, FYE directors and instructors strive to engage productively with continually evolving, research-based national standards for college writing instruction.

National context: Key articulations of learning outcomes for students and best practices for teachers and writing program administrators appear in the following research-based documents:

These resources offer guidelines for establishing instruction that helps students become confident and competent rhetors: individuals who are not only adept at reading, research, critical analysis, and writing but also capable of adapting and expanding what they know to meet the ever-changing requirements of contemporary communication situations, both on and off campus.

Campus context: In FYE, we undertake regular assessment of students' learning through direct measurement. Annually, we conduct analytical scoring of a random sample of terminal assignments from Units1-4 in each course. Approximately 20-25% of students are sampled per unit. We assess ENGL1001 in the fall and ENGL 1002 in the spring, when enrollments are greatest, respectively.

Our assessment rubrics render each of the broad UCCS outcomes for rhetoric into component parts, which match specific opportunities students have for learning about rhetoric in FYE courses. For further details, download our multi-year assessment reports from 2012 and 2016.


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