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Paul Gagliardi earned his BH and MA from Penn State-Harrisburg and his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he completed his dissertation, “All Play and No Work: The Protestant Work Ethic and the Comic Plays of the Federal Theatre Project.” His dissertation explores how many comic plays produced by the federal government during the Great Depression subverted cultural and social norms of work. His research interests include theories of work, economic history, and confidence artists, as well as modern American literature and theatre. In addition to working on a book manuscript of All Play and No Work, he is also revising an essay on the confidence artist in the television series Fargo. He has published two articles on the Federal Theatre Project and has also written essays about contemporary theatre productions and local theatre companies.

Paul has been teaching at the university-level for the past 14 years (most recently at Carroll University and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee). In his teaching, he emphasizes understanding the historical, social, and cultural context of texts, but also how our contemporary readings problematize literature. He also fosters interdisciplinary dialogue between all fields in his courses.

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