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Dr. SorbyWelcome to the Marquette Literary Review, Marquette University's annual creative writing online journal.

The Marquette Literary Review seeks submissions from Marquette's most talented student writers. Materials are considered by nomination or direct submission. Quality submissions of the following works will be considered for publication: Creative Essays, Poetry, Flash Fiction, Short Fiction, Novel Excerpts, Visual Art, Films, and Creative Non-Fiction.

The Marquette Literary Review is no longer accepting submissions for the Spring 2021 issue.

Please contact the Editorial Team with questions or concerns.

Editorial Team (2020-21)

  • Serina Jamison
  • Kate Braun
  • Maddie Gruber
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Angela Sorby 

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Please Note

All of the poems, stories and essays published in the Marquette Literary Review are self-expressions of those who created them and are not intended to represent the ideas or views of the MLR staff or its advisors; the Marquette faculty, staff, or administration; the student body; or any other group associated with Marquette University.