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Director of the Norman H. Ott Memorial Writing Center
Director of the Course-Embedded Tutor (CET) Program

When I was a sophomore in college, my sociology professor handed back a paper to me saying, with a smile and a shake of his head, "You write like an English major." I was both confused and intrigued by that backhanded compliment, and much of my subsequent research has been devoted to understanding how students learn to distinguish and write for various disciplines and what teachers can do to facilitate that learning. I've grown especially interested in the question of "transfer"--how writers connect what they know and who they are in one context with what they know and who they are in another context.  I recently completed a book (Agents of Integration) on this subject and am beginning to examine the powerful role that peer writing tutors can play in helping writers to integrate their knowledge across contexts.

My research interests in the teaching and learning of writing energize the writing intensive classes I teach here at Marquette — including undergraduate courses on peer tutoring, advanced composition, writing for the professions, and "the Jury Project," as well as a graduate course in rhetorical theory for new teaching assistants.  In addition, I enjoy teaching classes on drama in general and the musical in particular.

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