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After completing my B.A. at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and M.A. at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, I earned a Ph.D. from Boston College with a dissertation entitled Being and the Imaginary: An Introduction to Aesthetic Phenomenology and English Literature from the Eighteenth Century to the Romantic Period, which proposes a phenomenological aesthetic grounded at the intersections of the philosophies of Martin Heidegger, Hans-Georg Gadamer, and Wolfgang Iser and applies it to readings of the lives and works of Samuel Johnson and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Being and the Imaginary investigates the relationship between the imaginary and the projection of human being as it informed by and plays out in the aesthetic event and empowers Dasein’s striving towards authenticity. I am currently preparing a book-length project that further develops these concepts: Being and the Imaginary: Towards a Literary Ontology.

My other interests include film (from silent films onward) and collecting jazz recordings (from Armstrong to post-Ayler music).

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