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Purpose of ENGL 4986
The Writing Internship Course, English 4986, enables both English Literature majors and minors and Writing-Intensive majors and minors to earn three hours of academic credit (“S” or “U”) for "real-world” writing experience. Such internships may be paid or unpaid. Each student is limited to one 3-credit Writing Internship.


Benefits of ENGL 4986

How to Set Up an ENGL 4986 Internship

Students interested in setting up an internship should consult the following Checklist, which outlines the process step-by-step.

Possible Internship Sites

Requirements for ENGL 4986 Credit

To achieve 3 hours of S/U credit for English 4986, student interns must

  • Fill out an Internship Contract and a Waiver Form and submit the completed forms to Marquette Hall 115 to get an enrollment permission number.
  • Register for English 4986.
  • Work 8-10 hours per week for 15 weeks (120-150 hours in the summer).
  • Work on writing activities, broadly defined as researching, brainstorming, interviewing, drafting, revising, editing, proofreading, etc.
  • In Week #1, check in with your faculty sponsor.
  • Maintain weekly internship journal entries of approximately 1/2 page (single-spaced) per week.
  • At midterm, submit sample writings to the faculty sponsor.
  • At semester’s end, submit to the faculty sponsor a folder containing:

    (1) a portfolio of all notes, drafts, & final written projects
    (2) a log of days/hours spent working on internship projects
    (3) a journal (approximately 1/2 page single-spaced per week), reflecting on what the internship has taught you about writing (e.g., addressing audience issues, meeting deadlines, achieving a company ethos, etc.)

  • At semester's end, remind the on-site supervisor to mail or fax the Internship Evaluation Form to the faculty sponsor.

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