English Literature Minor
Requires 18 credit hours

ENGL 3000 Critical Practices and Processes in Literary Studies
ENGL 4820 Studies in Race and/or Ethnic Literature
ENGL 4825 Native American / Indigenous Literatures
ENGL 4830 African-American Literature
ENGL 4840 Post-Colonial Literature
ENGL 4850 Global Literatures

or from among the following when their course content is appropriate:

ENGL 4170 Studies in Language
ENGL 4610 Individual Authors
ENGL 4710 Studies in Genre
ENGL 4770 Studies in Literature and Culture
ENGL 4786 Women Writers
ENGL 4785 Gender, Sexuality, Literature
ENGL 4740 Film Studies
ENGL 4931 Special Topics in Literature
ENGL 4953 Seminar in Literature
ENGL 4995 Independent Study

One of the above 4 electives may be fulfilled by ENGL 41xx, 43xx, 44xx, 45xx, 4611, or 47xx.

For more information, contact Dr. Steve Hartman-Keiser, Director of Undergraduate Studies, or access Marquette's Undergraduate Bulletin.



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