“As an English Major at Marquette, I learned to think critically and write coherently. Setting aside the invaluable and illuminating experience of reading and reflecting on Shakespeare, Melville, Joyce, etc., the ability to think critically and write coherently are the two most important abilities any professional can possess. Nothing could have left me better prepared for law school, and life beyond, than majoring in English.

          --Tim Posnanski, Attorney with Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C.


"Majoring in English at Marquette has taught me not just to write and speak articulately, but to see the world as something to be explored, investigated, and cherished. Learning to think creatively is vital to seeing in color for the first time, for understanding the best and worst parts of being human."

          --Gabrielle Zenoni, now in the MFA Program at The Iowa Writers Workshop


"I was amazed to discover how well my English Major at Marquette prepared me for my chosen career field of insurance, its product being a set of precise documents which rely heavily on word choice and phrase structure. My English major was the primary reason for being successful during my thirty-five years in the industry. I recall one of my professors saying that the hours outside of a career field need to be rich if one is to experience a full life. I am so indebted to those who taught me the discipline of English letters. They provided me with a hunger for excellence in language, which I since have found in great literature in print, on stage and in music, throughout my long life."

          --Jack Hughes, Insurance Coverage Analyst, Milwaukee Insurance


“If you want to write, you have to read. My English major at Marquette exposed me to a broad range of literature and gave me the tools I needed to understand its craft.”

          --Caroline Goyette, freelance writer and former Associate Editor, Milwaukee   



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