Henry Kranendonk

Meet the Mathematics Specialist

Henry Kranendonk is the current Mathematics Specialist.  Henry is anxious to meet you and discuss any questions they may have in mathematics. Henry works with the Marquette mathematics professors who are teaching the core courses.  He will work with you in building a relationship with your mathematics professors.





An important component of the EOP Academic Enrichment is the Mathematics Support Seminars.  Seminars are focused around 5 core mathematics courses.  At least one of these courses is required or recommended for most majors at Marquette University.  These core mathematics courses are Math 1390, 1400, 1450, 1451, and 1700. Please visit the Marquette University Bulletin for course descriptions. For several majors, eventual success is linked to a good start in one of these courses.  Therefore, first year EOP students enrolled in one or more of the core courses will be assigned a mathematics support seminar.



Support Seminar Information 


Shortly after the first week of the Fall or the Spring semester classes, first year students will be notified by e-mail or phone when a support seminar will meet.  The Mathematics Specialist schedules the seminars for 2 sessions per week.  Each session is scheduled for approximately 1 hour.   Seminars will be scheduled with 2 to 3 students who have the same section number for the core course or the same professor.  If that is not possible, you will be notified during the first seminar.  Students are encouraged to work with the Mathematics Specialist for the most appropriate arrangement given the level of support you need. 


Please remember that attendance of a support seminar is required for first year students.  Upper class EOP students enrolled in one or more of the core courses will be invited to attend during the first two weeks of the semester and should notify the Mathematics Specialist as soon as possible if they want to be included in the seminars.  Although not required, upper class students should seriously consider attending the seminars.  Students can request an individual tutor for these courses; however, identifying tutors for these courses is a challenge and may not always be possible.


The Mathematics Specialist will provide further explanation of the material addressed in your lectures or quiz sections.  Students and the specialist will work through examples developed in class, homework problems that challenge them, and any other questions.  Students are expected to provide the Mathematics Specialist a copy of the course syllabus, a timeline of quizzes, exams, and the dates of the midterm and final exam.   Any other expectations that are outlined in the syllabus should also be communicated with the Mathematics Specialist.


It is important to remember that the seminars are not the time or place to exclusively complete homework.  Homework is a personal way to help students develop an understanding of the content of your mathematics.  The Mathematics Specialist will help students with developing an understanding of the material (including homework) so that students are successful with completing the homework independently.  Please remember, the Mathematics Specialist is not helping you if he does your homework! 


The seminars are developed to address students’ challenges or concerns with success in completing the mathematics expectations at Marquette University.  The Mathematics Specialist will work with students on any special questions or problems related to their work in mathematics.  The support seminars are designed for you to discuss these concerns with the Specialist.


EOP is committed in helping students succeed.  The most important function of the support seminars is to provide students an opportunity to discuss problems in mathematics and the organization of the course.  Students will be encouraged to build a relationship with their professors and to seek out their assistance.  Helping students reach out to their professors is often discussed in the support seminars.  Students are encouraged to discuss any other concerns with the Mathematics Specialist or their EOP counselors that are important in helping them succeed.  Based on these discussions, there are times that the Mathematics Specialist will need to arrange for additional support, especially around midterms or final exams. 


There is no simple answer to this question.  Success in mathematics is often linked to a consistent game plan of studying and completing problems.  The problems students face in class or in the homework will pose challenges.  It is expected students will often struggle with the assigned problems.  The types of problems students are expected to solve will often be new applications involving new topics.  This is both a challenge and an exciting development of a student’s college career.  Learning how to struggle and not be overwhelmed is key to success in most mathematics.  When students find the process to be overwhelming, they are encouraged to discuss these challenges with the Mathematics Specialist.



Summary of Core Courses

The core courses involved in the support seminars are:



Support Seminar Schedule


The support seminars for this semester are listed in the following link.


   2013 Spring Semester Scedule




Henry’s notes


Several notes and summary documents are prepared to help you during the support seminars.  As these notes are developed, you will be provided a printed copy in the support seminar. They are also available through the following links:



Other Support:


Students often ask how they can find additional support regarding a mathematics topic that is either new to them or confusing.  Online support is growing as an important way to find personalized help. 


For many of the topics involved in the core courses, additional explanations and support can be provided through the Khan Academy, or: 



In the search box at the above web site, please enter an appropriate question you might have.  It is quite possible that there is a short video to assist you in understanding the concepts or topics that confuse you.  Henry will share links to videos that will help you sort out some of your questions





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