Dr. Richard LewisMeet the Writing Specialist

Dr. Richard O. Lewis, EOP’s Writing Specialist/Instructor, provides you a four-year training period discovering the best rhetorical practices that enable you to produce consistently high-quality academic writing across diverse Marquette majors.  Avoiding the “dry-cleaner effect” (simply correcting grammar errors), Dr. Lewis teaches you to master persuasive writing skills—American English usage, clarity, coherence, and unity.  You will fine-tune your own writing style to suit your field’s research standards:



You may make as many writing assistance appointments as you need by posting your name on Dr. Lewis’ door schedule (MH #411-A), and /or phoning 288.5392, and/or by E-mail—richard.lewis@mu.edu





Educational Opportunity Program

EOP is an academic program that motivates and enables low-income and first generation students, whose parents do not have a baccalaureate degree, to enter and succeed in higher education. See all the programs that Educational Opportunity Programs include.