Who's Eligible?

  1. Candidates must have a minimum of five years of consecutive Marquette service.

  2. Self nominations or nominations by members of the Excellence in Service Awards Committee cannot be considered.

  3. Faculty members and members of the Excellence in Service Awards Committee, Deans, and Vice Presidents are not eligible.

What is the Excellence in University Service Award?

The Excellence in University Service Award Program recognizes individuals for their contributions to the essential work of Marquette at the highest level of excellence. Candidates should be nominated based on meritorious service that is above and beyond the duties normally assigned to their positions. Nominees should demonstrate and support the Ignatian ideal of care for others, as well as carrying out the mission of the university on an ongoing basis.

How to Nominate an employee?

Nominations are being accepted under the new schedule for the university Excellence in University Service Awards Program. Each year, the Excellence in University Service Program recognizes a few select staff members for their extraordinary contributions to the university. Members of the Marquette community are encouraged to submit one or more nominations of candidates.

Submit a nomination using the online form

The deadline for nominations is Friday, April 9, 2021. Nominate only one candidate on each form you submit online. The candidate information you provide may be supplemented by additional supporting documentation. Nominations will be retained and considered for a period of two service award years. Individual Excellence in University Service Award plaques will be presented to this year's award recipients at a virtual award ceremony on Monday, June 7, 2021.

Past recipients of the award

2020   Mr. Steve Frieder, Ms. Neelima Tummala, Ms. Stacy Tuchel, and Ms. Deb Weaver
2019   Mr. Dennis Daye, Mr. Calvin Jemison, Ms. Lori Montezon, and Mr. Tom Teipel
2018   Dr. Laura Abing, Mr. Rick Arcuri, Mr. Thomas Pilak, and Ms. Alix Riley
2017   Ms. Annette Conrad, Ms. Mary Dunnwald, Mr. Lenny Jaworski, and Mr. John Novotny
2016   Ms. Melody Baker, Mr. Christopher Bartolone and Mr. Mykl Novak
2015   Dr. Kim Halula, Ms. Stacy Mitz, Mr. Thomas Wirtz and Ms. Annette Wolak
2014   Ms. Michelle Raclawski, Mr. Mitchell Gawlak, Ms. Debra Jelacic and Ms. Ruzica Gajic
2013   Mr. Douglas Frohmader, Ms. Mary McConnell, Mr. John Mohammad and Ms. Sue Pendzich
2012   Mr. Tim Badger, Ms. Stephanie Danz, Ms. Kerry Grosse and Ms. Lynn Mellantine
2011   Ms. Mary Janz, Ms. Trish Johnson, Mr. Rick Karabon and Mr. Dan Smith



Ms. Marcia Pawlik, Dr. Jeanne Simmons, Ms. Carol Trecek and Ms. Sandra Wicker



Ms. Coreen Bukowski, Ms. Marilyn Mutzenbauer, Ms. Karen Desotelle and Mr. Neal Wucherer


Ms. Jane Eddy Casper, Ms. Lillie Fluker, Ms. Gwendolyn King and Mr. Brian Trecek


Ms. Michele Adler, Ms. Barbara Gaeth, Ms. Janet Gottfreid and Mr. Paul Jablonski


Ms. Carol Dufek, Ms. Mary Kolar, Ms. Mary Jo Kuzma and Mr. Joseph Terrian


Ms. Anne Bartelt, Ms. Patricia Smith and Mr. Tom Ganey


Ms. Barbara Alioto, Ms. Athel Griffin and Ms. Rose Richard


Ms. Irene Cvetich, Mr. Jerry Somrude and Mr. Dan Johnson


Ms. Molly Larkin, Mrs. Donna Turben and Ms. Mary Belanger


Mrs. Dusanka Stojsavljevic, Mrs. Nancy Bevsek and Ms. Jane Mundt


Mr. Rufus Eiland, Ms. Barbara Kurtz and Ms. Barbara Ferenz


Mr. Christopher Daniel, Ms. Susan Steinhart and Ms. Carol Witzke


Mr. Thomas Dunk, Ms. Mary Frenn and Ms. Susan Dalsasso


Ms. Debra Bublitz, Mrs. Robin Cork, and Mr. Dominic Bartolone


Ms. Linda Lee, Mrs. Kathleen Hawkins and Mr. Michael Price


Ms. Ellen Jo Blonski, Mrs. Lynne Merkel and Mrs. Dolores Rewolinski


Ms. Sylver Monti, Ms. Susan Clinton and Mrs. Mary Foley


Ms. Pamela Still, Mr. Floyd Hubatch and Ms. Mary Minson


Ms. Barbara DeNoyer, Mrs. Audrey Weiter and Mr. Anthony Tortorella


Ms. Robin Brunette, Mrs. Audrey Martini and Dr. Gregory Olson