Banners on Marquette Campus

Michelle R. Adler, Office Coordinator, Department of Public Safety

Barbara A. Gaeth, Accounting Assistant, School of Dentistry

Janet M. Gottfreid, Project Coordinator, Facilities Planning, Design and Construction

Paul J. Jablonski, Captain/Associate Director, Department of Public Safety

Past Recipients of the Excellence in University Service Awards
Selecting just four individuals, from a cast of hundreds, who best represent the university’s mission of excellence, faith, leadership and service isn’t unlike choosing the best flower in a flower patch. The select few make a remarkable bouquet, chosen from a colorful garden.

Marquette University’s Excellence in University Service Award Program recognizes individuals for their contributions to the essential work of Marquette at the highest level of excellence. A common thread among recipients is meritorious service above and beyond the duties normally assigned to their positions.

Four members of the Marquette community who exemplify the university’s mission will be honored at the award program on Tuesday, April 17, from 2:45 to 4:45 p.m. in the Monaghan Ballroom of the Alumni Memorial Union.

Michele R. Adler
Office Coordinator, Department of Public Safety
Support Staff Award

Adler plays an integral role in maintaining systems relating to building security and troubleshooting potential problems at all hours of the day and night. She also has responsibilities involving payroll, personnel, purchasing, scheduling, and setting up e-mail and voice mail accounts.

“Her title does not reflect the amount of responsibility she undertakes each day,” said a nominator. “The office would not function efficiently without Michele. Aside from maintaining a high level of professionalism in all she does, Michele is a kind and generous woman. New employees meet Michele first, and she serves as the department’s greatest ambassador.”

Barbara A. Gaeth
Accounting Assistant, School of Dentistry
Support Staff Award

“Barb has a wonderful combination of a strong work ethic, a pleasing personality and a desire to help others,” said a nominator. “She can calm you down and help you find a solution when things aren’t going well. She can lift your spirits with her smile and encouraging words when you are having a bad day. Barb is someone you can always count on to get the job done — well and without complaint.”

Gaeth performs a variety of tasks to ensure that the School of Dentistry runs smoothly, serving a critical support role for the school’s educational and service missions.

Janet M. Gottfreid
Project Coordinator, Facilities Planning,
Design and Construction
Administrator Award

“I learned from the beginning that there is a way to plan events and then there is a way to plan ‘Marquette’ events,” said a nominator about Gottfreid, whose Marquette career has included service in Alumni Relations, Facilities Services, Marketing and Communication, and Special Events. Some of her recent projects include the Pére Marquette sculpture, graphics at the Al McGuire Center and the Stollenwerk walkway. “I learned how to be a good mentor from her and I now share that knowledge with new colleagues. ‘Whatever it takes to get the job done and to make the alum, donor or friend happy and important’ is what she instilled in me and so many others here at Marquette,” the nominator said.

Paul J. Jablonski (posthumously)
Captain/Associate Director, Department of Public Safety
Administrator Award

Although Jablonski passed away in fall 2006, his legacy on campus is evident in the Student Safety Program, the Avenues West Police Substation, the university’s Critical Incident Management and Business Continuity Plan, Public Safety’s Command Information Center and the department’s relationship with the Milwaukee Police Department.

“Paul was genuinely concerned with you as a person,” said a nominator. “He was very personable, approachable and resourceful. Paul loved Marquette and everything it stands for, and his love rubbed off on those who worked with him side-by-side. It would not be an overstatement to say that Paul has left an indelible mark on Marquette University.”