Banners on Marquette Campus

Jane Eddy Casper, Assistant Director of Part-Time Legal Education and Assistant to the Dean for Special Projects Law School

Lillie M. Fluker, Team Teacher, Child Care Center

Gwendolyn T. King, Custodian, Department of Facilities Services

Brian T. Trecek, Director of Admissions, School of Dentistry

Past Recipients of the Excellence in University Service Awards

Personifying the mission.” If one ­common quality can be embodied in each of the 2008 Marquette University Excellence in Employee Service Award recipients, it’s that they exemplify what Marquette’s mission is all about. That characteristic was passionately emphasized by the dozens of nominations involving Jane Casper, Lillie Fluker, Gwendolyn King and Brian Trecek, who will be formally ­recognized at an awards reception April 15.

Administrator Award
Jane Eddy Casper
Assistant Director of Part-Time Legal Education and
Assistant to the Dean for Special Projects, Law School

In her assistant director position, Casper provides student services to part-time law students who take classes primarily in the evening. She also assists the dean with communication and special projects in her assistant to the dean role.

“Jane contributes to the mission of the university and demonstrates her commitment to the Ignatian ideal of care for others every day as she lives her faith and encourages students in their academics and community leadership,” said a nominator. “She is among the most cheerful people I know.”

 “What I treasure most about Marquette is being part of a bigger ‘whole,’ part of the Jesuit tradition of education,” said Casper. “The experience is stimulating and spiritual, energizing and rewarding. I am so very grateful.”  

Support Staff Award
Lillie M. Fluker
Team Teacher, Child Care Center

As a team teacher, Fluker's primary responsibility is to provide a safe and engaging learning environment for toddlers 12 to 24 months old. When she began her employment as a child care worker at Marquette, she went back to school to earn her associate's degree in early childhood education, although it wasn't a requirement.

"Lillie's selfless, loving and dependable service to our children exemplifies the mission of Marquette," said a nominator. "She has a deep faith in God that I believe inspires her to serve others and strive for excellence in her vocation. She is a wonderful role model for children and parents."

"I have an opportunity to nurture and observe the growth and development of the children in my care," said Fluker. "I also enjoy working with the other outstanding teachers and management of the Marquette Child Care Center."

Support Staff Award
Gwendolyn T. King
Custodian III, Department of Facilities Services

King was selected for the Facilities Services "Achievement in Mission Excellence Award," which is given annually to the department member who best ex-emplifies the university and department missions. After a recent promotion, King is now lead custodian in McCormick Hall.

"The work of custodians is often not held in high regard even though their direct contact with so many students and staff has a big impact on the entire campus," said a nominator. "Gwen exemplifies everything that the university mission stands for. She takes pride in ensuring that her responsibilities are not just done, but done thoroughly."

"I am proud to tell people that I work for Marquette," said King. "The greatest reward is working closely with the students. We get to know each other per-sonally, and that makes all of our efforts worthwhile."

Administrator Award
Brian T. Trecek
Director of Admissions, School of Dentistry

In his responsibilities developing and managing a comprehensive, nationwide recruitment strategy for the School of Dentistry, Trecek is often the first point of contact for prospective dental students.

"He does not want to make his job easier," said a nominator. "He wants to do it better for the sake of the students, faculty, staff and school. He cares for each applicant as a person and wants each to succeed both as a professional and a human. Brian just awes me with his hard work, determination, effectiveness and caring heart."

"My work as an admissions officer here has been and continues to be an incredibly rewarding experience," said Trecek. "I have had the distinct honor of in-troducing this place I love to thousands of people from all over the country for a very long time."