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Michelle Raclawski


Debra Jelacic


Ruzica Gajic, Facilities Services

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What are University Service Awards?
“Excellence” is exhibited in many different ways at Marquette University, including among staff and administrators. To help celebrate, and encourage, excellence among employees, Marquette University annually honors staff and administrators who exemplify excellence in the work they do.

The 2014 recipients of the Excellence in University Service Awards are Michelle Raclawski, Debra Jelacic, Mitchell Gawlak and Ruzica Gajic.

Michelle Raclawski,
College of Health Sciences

Michelle Raclawski views her job as “a bridge between what needs to be done and how to get it done.” In the College of Health Sciences, she’s known as a problem solver, communicator, caregiver and hard worker. As one nominator said, when Raclawski is approached with a problem, “Her answer is always, ‘I will take care of that.’”

“I got my work ethic from my parents,” Raclawski says. “I feel like people who work with me know my mission is to help them do their jobs.”

From her nominations, which range from notes of thanks for helping to navigate purchases and policies to praise for tracking grants, it’s clear that faculty and staff recognize and value her dedication and expertise.

Debra Jelacic
Department of English

For Debra Jelacic, dedication and commitment of service to Marquette runs in the family. Her father, Floyd Hubatch, received the Excellence in University Service Award in 1993.

“My father had a great work ethic. He continually did more than was expected of him,” Jelacic says. “He loved working at Marquette, and I was excited to follow his path. I try hard to model my actions after his.”

The model is working. Words used to describe Jelacic in her nominations include professional, knowledgeable, kind, generous and utterly indispensable.

Jelacic adds another word: blessed.

“Every day I see great people doing great work, and I consider many of my co-workers good friends,” she says. “I feel that I’m blessed to have been given the opportunity to work at Marquette.”

Mitchell Gawlak
Facilities Services

“Mitchell is the bright spot of my day.” “Mitchell is a caring presence to all he meets.”

“Mitchell is the difference to many of us in his daily contributions to our work.”

These sentiments echo throughout every nomination for Mitchell Gawlak. The people who nominated him describe his hard work and dedication, along with his positivity, his smiles and his love of all things Marquette.

“Mitch was chosen because of his incredible work ethic and positive attitude,” says Christopher Bartolone, Gawlak’s supervisor. “Mitch is always upbeat and takes great pride in doing his job well. Seeing him win makes our whole department proud.”

Ruzica Gajic
Facilities Services

Cleaning the College of Nursing’s Emory Clark Hall, with its two staircases, four floors of classrooms and offices, numerous bathrooms and hundreds of daily visitors, is a daunting task. But it’s a task easily handled by custodian Ruzica Gajic.

As one person who nominated her said, “Not only does Ruzica do marvelous work, she does it with a cheerful, friendly and helpful demeanor. Those of us who work in Clark Hall truly value her service to Marquette. She is a wonderful employee who deserves to be recognized.”

Gajic was humbled to learn she had been chosen to receive the award. “I’m very grateful,” she says. “I’ll continue to do good work.” Of that, the faculty, staff and students in Clark Hall have no doubt.