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What are University Service Awards?
“Excellence” is exhibited in many different ways at Marquette University, including among staff and administrators. To help celebrate, and encourage, excellence among employees, Marquette University annually honors staff and administrators who exemplify excellence in the work they do.

The 2016 recipients of the Excellence in University Service Awards are Kim Halula, Stacy Mitz, Thomas Wirtz and Annette Wolak.


Melody Baker,
Office of Research and Innovation

Melody Baker has served Marquette for 13 years — first in the Graduate School as assistant to then-dean Dr. Jeanne Hossenlopp. Most recently, when Hossenlopp took on a new role as vice president for the Office of Research and Innovation, Baker transitioned with her.

Baker does more than just keep the office running. She continues to take on more work, such as the coordination of space and use at Marquette’s new presence in the Global Water Center. Along with her responsibilities in the Office of Research and Innovation, Baker is a supportive leader in University Staff Senate and an active member of Marquette’s Toastmasters International chapter.

Those who nominated her noted the difficulty of describing her personality in words. “The qualities that make Mel an outstanding employee, friend and ambassador of Marquette are apparent to anyone who meets her,” said one of her colleagues.

“A few years ago I served a three-year term on the selection committee for this award, and so I’ve read the nominations for colleagues who have served with dedication and in outstanding ways,” Baker says. “I’m surrounded by so many worthy people; I never imagined that I would be receiving this award. But I love my job and enjoy taking part in the many opportunities employees have.

Christopher Bartolone
Facilities Planning & Management

A recent and well-deserved promotion to assistant director of Facilities Planning and Management is more than just a raise for Chris Bartolone, Arts ’93. He is finishing the work his late father, Dominic Bartolone, started years ago when he ran the department.

Bartolone attended Marquette and following graduation become a teacher, working in facilities during his summer vacations. After his father passed away, Bartolone felt compelled to come back to Marquette full time.

He sees his job as 24/7 and often comes in on weekends to get a jump start on work orders and requests for the week ahead. One of his colleagues commented that “most days Chris’ desk is full of thank you notes and cookies.”

“Receiving this award is very gratifying for me, and it is important for me to share this special moment with my team of dedicated workers,” Bartolone says. “I know that a person is only as good as the people they surround themselves with, and I have been blessed with both student and university employees who answer the call each day and give their very best. The trash gets collected, the stairs get shoveled and the diplomas get delivered, all by people who take extreme pride in their jobs at Marquette, and I am proud to be part of this team.”

Mykl Novak
Information Technology Services

Mykl Novak, Arts ’92, Grad ’10, captures what’s best about Marquette — and he does it with his camera. When he’s not managing information technology solutions for the university, Novak can be found snapping photographs around campus, amassing a collection of images that paint the university’s portrait.

In nominating Novak for an Excellence in University Service Award, more than one colleague pointed out that he “bleeds blue and gold.” That love for Marquette starts with Novak’s time as an undergraduate and graduate student and comes to bear to this day in his work as a Web development manager for Information Technology Services.

“I know Mykl Novak as the most dedicated employee at Marquette University,” wrote another colleague. “He is always flexible and willing to help, no matter if it’s the weekend or in the middle of the night. His contributions are great and his love for the university is even greater. Every time I see him, he is representing Marquette in some way.”

“I began my Marquette career as a writer,” Novak recalls. “Among my first stories were profiles of the 1992 Excellence in University Service Award recipients: Barbara DeNoyer, Tony Tortorella and Audrey Weiter. All three reflected a passion for service and a deep humility. I am so honored to be recognized among them and those who followed.”