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What are University Service Awards?
“Excellence” is exhibited in many different ways at Marquette University, including among staff and administrators. To help celebrate, and encourage, excellence among employees, Marquette University annually honors staff and administrators who exemplify excellence in the work they do.

The 2019 recipients of the Excellence in University Service Awards are Dennis Daye, Calvin Jemison, Lori Montezon and Tom Teipel.



Mr. Dennis Daye
Office of the General Counsel

Environmental health and safety offices and the lab staff that they serve can often be at odds with each other on some campuses. But, thanks to the way that Dennis Daye approaches his job each day, Marquette is not one of those campuses.

“I have worked closely with Dennis to address a number of challenging situations that have required dedicated leadership and excellent judgement,” says Dr. John Mantsch. “I have always been impressed by his demeanor, character, work ethic and positive attitude. It is clear that he cares for this institution, its employees and its students.

”Daye understands the importance of his job and performs it with seriousness, a great attention to detail, and a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. In nearly 13 years at Marquette, he has established a reputation for dedication to improve lab conditions with the highest level of excellence, diligence and vigor.

“Dennis is instrumental to the research operations of this university,” says Dr. Marieke Gilmartin. “He ensures that each individual research lab is in compliance with all safety guidelines, personally working with each lab and its unique requirements. Beyond compliance, he helps us to maintain a safe working environment for our students.

”Since he came on board, he has overseen a remarkable transformation and modernization of the university’s procedures. This year, his office completed another tremendously successful peer audit through the WAICU Environmental Health and Safety Peer Audit Program, with the university receiving glowing reviews for the EHS infrastructure that Daye created and maintains.

Marquette has undergone significant research growth in an increasingly demanding regulatory culture, and the progress that has been made under his leadership cannot be understated.

Calvin Jemison
Raynor Memorial Libraries

Not only is Calvin Jemison a team player, he goes out of his way to care for his colleagues and student workers.

“Calvin is a servant leader in every characteristic — he personifies cura personalis,” librarian Leatha Miles-Edmonson says about her colleague.

Dr. Jennifer Maney in the Center for Teaching and Learning echoes this sentiment. “Calvin avails himself on a consistent basis to those seeking support at Raynor and does so with patience and a smile on his face. I have worked with Calvin for more than 10 years and I cannot recall a time when he grew frustrated or impatient with last-minute requests or questions that he may have been asked a hundred times.

”In his role, Jemison oversees the library’s conference center, the mail room and various operations for the libraries. “He is not only an outstanding colleague but a positive force in the library’s community of employees,” Elisa Coghlan, coordinator of marketing and outreach for Memorial Library, says. “Calvin cultivates positivity in the workplace. Small but frequent — and potent — gestures of kindness, warm humor and concern for others are a hallmark of his persona.

”Students who have worked with Jemison admire his calm yet steadfast attitude, noting his optimism and motivational conversations. “Calvin puts us in a position to succeed every day by sharing with us various opportunities on campus that we could benefit from,” student Prince Beniana says.

Lori Montezon
Office of the Provost

Lori Montezon’s care for others, matched with her keen attention to detail, makes her an invaluable member of the Marquette community.

Montezon exhibits the Ignatian ideal of caring for others through her everyday work and interactions with colleagues. As an administrative assistant in the Office of the Provost and Office of Institutional Diversity, Montezon supports day-to-day operational tasks as well as key university initiatives.

Working alongside Vice President for Inclusive Excellence William Welburn, Montezon was an integral team member of the Climate Study Working Group, which was responsible for producing Marquette’s first Campus Climate Study in 2015.

Over two years, Montezon worked directly with Dr. Sue Rankin of Rankin & Associates Consulting to manage budget matters and plan logistics, including campus visits, meetings and conference calls. “Dr. Rankin commented that Lori was unlike anyone she had met on her home campus or among consultations with more than a hundred universities,” Welburn says. “Her efficiency in her work, her promptness and thoroughness on every detail, and willingness to troubleshoot problems rather than allow them to fester is unparalleled.

”A former colleague of Montezon, Dr. Sharron Ronco, appreciates Montezon’s special devotion to assessment and service. “She patiently guided me through projects when I felt adrift, offering her assistance and helping me manage tasks. I was awestruck by her organizational skills and willingness to help others. Lori Montezon is a daily manifestation of personal and professional excellence and service to others that is embodied in the mission of this university,” Ronco says.”

Tom Teipel
Facilities Planning and Management

To understand Tom Teipel’s impact on Marquette University, one only needs to look at the variety of nominators for his Excellence in University Service Award: a dean, a department chair, former students, a current vice president, a retired vice president, current colleagues and a host of others who wrote in to laud him for a storied Marquette career that spans more than three decades. Nearly every nominator highlighted Teipel’s quiet nature, patience and creativity, as well as his deep institutional knowledge.

One colleague recalls how the senior architect breathed new life into the Brew Bayou coffee shop in the Alumni Memorial Union; another points to his role as a mentor, educator and guide for numerous student engineering employees.

“I believe that Tom has worked on a project in every building on our campus and has worked with every university unit and academic department at one point or another,” says Lora Strigens, vice president for planning and facilities management. “That depth of institutional knowledge is so valuable to our work in FP&M and a testament to the sheer volume of projects that Tom has touched in his time here.

”Colleague Laura Hagan sums it up neatly: “I’ll cut to the chase: Tom Teipel gets things done. He also loves what he does. He loves being an architect; he loves working with contractors; he loves solving problems. But above all, he cares about people and is always thinking about how to make their environments better places to live and work.”