Spring Semester Offerings:

1) Faber Book Club - Another Look into Ignatian Spirituality: Do you want to learn more about how Jesuits live out this “Jesuit spirituality?”  Fr. James Martin, S.J., has written, The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything: A Spirituality for Real Life.  Join us for this book discussion, whether this is your first venture into Jesuit spirituality or if you have already been exposed to this way.  Books will be provided.  Space is limited.  Register by  Friday, February 11 at FaberCenter@marquette.edu or by calling Ellen Blonski at 288-4545.

2) Retreat for Busy People:  Perhaps you don’t think a retreat is for you – you’re too busy and what difference would it make to you or those around you?  You’ll never know until you try!  It’s time to do something for you.  Check out our website (www.marquette.edu/faber) for comments from prior retreat participants.  This just might be the time for you to consider making the Retreat for Busy People that can be adapted to your busy schedule!

3) Men’s Spirituality Forum: Men of all faiths and beliefs from the Marquette community are invited to come together for a monthly discussion and reflection on the ways men relate to each other, God and to God's world.

4) Leading from the Spirit Women’s Luncheon:   Guest speaker, Jacqueline Hansen Maggiore, Marquette University alumna, and author of Vessel of Clay: The Inspirational Journey of Sister Carla.  Please join us as Jacqueline shares the life, ministry and inspiration of her childhood friend, fellow MU student and Maryknoll Missionary, Sr. Carla Piette.  Sr. Carla was guided in her work in South America and Central America during the often dangerous and turbulent 1970’s and early 1980 by a love of the poor and the oppressed, as well as her deep desire to live as a companion of Jesus.  Sr. Carla’s often messy and complex human responses to herown life circumstances and her spiritual call offer a deep invitation to each of us to come to our own spiritual path as we are.  Come and be encouraged, consoled and inspired by Sr. Carla’s important life message.  Opento all Marquette women faculty, staff and administrators.  Lunch is free. Space is limited.  Please register at FaberCenter@marquette.edu or call 8-4545.

{Jacqueline Maggiore will have books available for sale and will be free for a short book signing immediately following her presentation.}

5) Faber Spring Speaker:  Plans are in the works to welcome Dan Schutte, renowned composer and contemporary songwriter and artist. Watch for more details.

6) Third Week Group:  One of the hallmarks of Ignatian Spirituality rests in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in which Ignatius teaches us through recommendations in prayer, meditation and contemplations on scripture, to know, love and follow Jesus more closely in our daily lives.  During the Third Week of the Spiritual Exercises, Ignatius invites us to join Jesus as intimate companions during the very human experience of His suffering and death in the Passion.  It is in following Jesus closely on this path that we also discover how to be more personal, intimate and present in our own suffering and in the suffering of others.  Even in His walk towards death, Jesus teaches us to love more deeply,  live more freely.  Please join us as we create a faith community of companions willing to follow Jesus more closely and intimately this Lenten season.  All faiths welcome.  Space is limited.  Register by Friday, March 11@288-4545 or e-mail at FaberCenter@marquette.edu.  Light lunch will be served.

7) Lenten Half-Day Ecumenical Retreat:  All employees are invited to take some time out for prayer and reflection, refreshment and renewal, as you travel along your journey during the Holy Season of Lent.  Watch for a separate mailing and registration information.

8) Repairers of the Breach Brown Bag Lunch and Scripture Sharing:  All faculty and staff are invited to join the Faber Center in sharing a light lunch, community and reflection with members of the Repairers of the Breach day shelter run by and for the homeless of Milwaukee. A sandwich and much good conversation    with our neighbors will be provided as the members of Repairers lead us in the African process method of reflecting on scripture. All faith traditions are welcome. We will travel as a group once a month on Fridays throughout the Spring, 2011 semester.

9) Rosary: Please join us in praying the Rosary.  No RSVP required.  All are welcome.

10) Caring for Aging Parents: This support group will meet monthly and is open to anyone who is helping to care for an aging parent, relative or friend. All are welcome! No RSVP needed.

By Request:

11) Individual Spiritual Direction: The Faber Center offers an opportunity to meet regularly with a spiritual director, someone with whom to talk and reflect on the invitations and experiences we encounter that lead us to grow into a deeper awareness of that which is sacred and meaningful in our lives. All faith beliefs are welcome.

12) Articulating Where You Find Meaning: Meet regularly (or irregularly) with someone from the Faber Center to help articulate what you believe, what you value, where you find meaning. Open to those of any faith or those who struggle, or those who are agnostic or do not believe in a deity. Contact Mike Hogan at 288-5059 or michael.hogan@marquette.edu to arrange a meeting to discuss your desires for a Faber companion.

13) Clearness Committee: The Quaker tradition offers a means of discussing God’s will for a particular concern through our deepest and most authentic desires by seeking clearness in our thoughts and emotions.  The one requesting a Clearness Committee can choose a few trusted friends (or after consultation, the Faber Center can gather helpful people) who, in an atmosphere of prayerful quiet, ask questions of the focus person only for the purpose of assisting that person to find clarity. 

14) The Spiritual Exercises, the 19th Annotation: St. Ignatius recognized that many people cannot devote an entire month to silence and prayer without interruption and suggested a modification for those who would commit to some time for solitude, prayer and reflection each day for a period of six months to a year. If you are interested or want to learn more about the 19th Annotation, contact Mike Hogan at 288-5059 or e-mail at michael.hogan@marquette.edu






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Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius

The exercises are a pathway to recognizing God's activity in our deepest desires and growing in unity with God. Emerging from the experience of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, the Exercises provide a structured opportunity to mature in spiritual freedom and make choices that are responsive to God's call in one's life.