All Phone Numbers are Area Code (414)

Facilities Planning and Management
Lora Strigens Vice President for Planning & Strategy, University Architect 288-7043
Katie Klamecki Executive Assistant, Planning 288-4716 email

Business Operations

Mike Jahner Director of Business Operations, University Engineer 288-6104 email
Laura Hagan Capital Accounting Specialist 288-4439 email
Tony Ledvina Records Management Associate 288-3194 email
Brent Ribble Campus Sustainability Coordinator 288-4542 email
Debra Schmidt Office Associate 288-4672 email
Sarah Schroeder Project Support Specialist 288-5293 email
Jen Smith Computer Maintenance Mgmt System Assistant 288-4543 email
TBD Facilities Workforce Coordinator 288-3728 email
Kay Wells Central Services Coordinator 288-3613 email

Planning & Project Delivery

Chris Gluesing Director of Planning & Project Delivery 288-5777 email
Tom Teipel Senior Architect 288-5295 email
Kathy Kugi-Tom Project Manager 288-5296 email
Joel Smullen Project Manager 288-4620 email
Kurt Young Binter Project Manager 288-5279 email
Facilities & Campus Services
Greg Adams Director of Facilities & Campus Services 288-1492 email
Christopher Bartolone Assistant Director for Facilities Services 288-6103 email
Building System Maintenance 
Lenny Jaworski Service Manager, Academic 288-3595 email
Steve Kelley Service Manager, Academic 288-6140 email
Robert Kendzierski Service Manager, Planned Maintenance 288-3551 email
Ken Schmidt Maintenance Coordinator, Residence Life 288-3124 email
Custodial, Janitorial Services
Cheryl Haskey Service Manager, 1st Shift Academic 288-4463 email
Jeff Lampone Service Manager, 1st Shift Residence Life 288-3646 email
Chuck Willer Service Manager, 2nd Shift Academic 288-3652 email
Robert Pach Service Manager, 3rd Shift Academic 288-1632 email
Isaac Gyamenah Service Manager, 3rd Shift Academic 288-7121 email
General Building Maintenance & Painting Services
Glen Wilson Service Manager 288-7237 email
Jon Kerkman Maintenance Coordinator 288-2055 email
Jim Blonien Service Manager 288-6102 email
Trucking & Mail
Scott Moeller Mail & Trucking Coordinator 288-5280 email


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Facilities Planning & Management
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