Center for Teaching and Learning

FALL 2018 Events


For a full description of all events including times and locations, please visit the Center for Teaching and Learning Website.


Faculty Seminars on Teaching & Learning

Promoting a Growth Mindset: How to Prepare to Deal with Failure (Oct. 24, 10am)

How to Promote Best Study Practices for Students in Your Course (Nov. 14, 1pm)


Faculty Writing Group

Weekly Sept. 10 through Dec. 10 (Mondays, 2-3:30pm; Thursdays, 10-11:30am)


Courses for Faculty

Application of Pedagogy using Instructional Technology (Sept. 24 through Nov. 30)

Facilitating Your Online Course (Oct. 8 through Nov. 9)


eTeaching Workshops

Inclusive Teaching for the Modern Classroom (Nov. 7, 9:30am)


Competency-Based Education

Digital Badges: What AreThey and Why Do They Matter? (Sept. 20, 10am)

Badging for Beginners: How to create a Digital Badge at MU (Oct. 10, 1pm)


Electronic Accessibility Workshops

Making your Course Materials Accessible to Students with Disabilities
(Sept. 18, 9:30am; Oct. 10, 2pm)

MS Office Products Accessibility Overview
(Sept. 25, 10:30am; Oct. 24, 9:30am)

Creating Accessible Images, Video and Website links
(Nov. 6, 1:30pm)

Creating or Converting PDF documents to accessible documents
(Nov. 14, 9am)


Service Learning / Community-Based Learning

Service Learning / Community-Based Learning at Marquette (Oct. 2, 9:30am)

Critical Reflection (Nov. 8, 2:30pm)