A prayer for the Marquette community during COVID-19

We Pray

By Rev. Frederick Zagone, S.J., university chaplain


Our Lenten journey evolves in ways that we never expected. With so much unknown, let us take a moment to come together and believe in the power of prayer. There is strength and solidarity in prayer that even though we cannot be together physically, we are supporting one another spiritually. Let us join together in our own way and tradition to pray. 


We pray for our world, especially those that are ill.

We pray for those that care for the sick.

We pray for our students and the Marquette community.

We pray for our families, our friends, alumni and benefactors.

We pray for our university leadership.

We pray for our faculty and staff.

We pray for one another.

Gracious and loving God, we ask that you lift up these prayers and the prayers that we hold in our hearts. Calm our fears and anxiety and be with us through this trying time. Help us to understand the changes in our lives, to accept the things that we cannot control, and to be patient and loving to one another.

All this we ask through Christ, our Lord.