Family Studies Video Experiment

Kaylee Vanek discusses how the family studies minor has helped her as a nursing student.

Capstone Seminar

The objective of the capstone seminar is to stimulate critical interdisciplinary thinking and research on the family. The seminar was designed to be taken at the end of the student's cross-disciplinary course of study on the family. The capstone seminar bridges cross-disciplinary studies with interdisciplinary work and research.

The seminar places emphasis on independent research. To be successful, a student will produce a paper that demonstrates depth (competency in analysis), breadth (evidence of competency in the literature of at least two content areas) and critical analysis (integrating and differentiating material and organizing it coherently).

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Please note these papers were written using APA 6th Edition. Do not use them as a model; for format, consult APA 7th Edition.