Announcement and Information from Christine Hill

For over 40 years, Future Milwaukee (FM) has been a community partner in the development of Milwaukee's area leaders. Many public, private , and nonprofit professionals have traveled along the FM path, creating an ever broadening web of connected and committed residents. As one of numerous directors who have traveled alongside FM students and left for other ventures, I have retired from Marquette and Future Milwaukee.

I mentioned to my adult children recently that my association with this program has been one of the greatest gifts of my life (behind them of course). I would never have met so many incredible human beings; been introduced to so many community assets; been challenged by so many differing opinions, historical insights, and diverse life experiences. Most importantly, I would not have had the good fortune to meet so many courageous, caring, and committed women and men. Thank you Marquette!

With that as context...

1st Time Visitors: To those of you who are checking out this program for the first time - thank you!
Future Milwaukee has had a proud legacy. Feel free to read over some of the information posted here but please know that the program is not currently taking applications. Check back in the Fall for updates!

Treasured Alumni: To those of you who make up the over 1,600 Future Milwaukee Alumni, please note that with my retirement, Marquette has an opportunity to evaluate the current program and how the program might best be configured for the future. I am confident that your voices will be factored into any program considerations that are under review. As with "1st Time Visitors", I encourage you to check back here in the Fall for further updates.

If you have questions and/or suggestions please contact Dr. Robert Smith, Director of the Center for Urban Research, Teaching and Outreach or Heather Hathaway, Ph.D., Acting Dean for the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences.