Future Milwaukee Scholarship Process

The Future Milwaukee leadership program offers a limited number of scholarships to qualified applicants. To be considered for a Future Milwaukee scholarship, please complete the online program application and submit the following information on or before July 16, 2018 by email to christine.hill@marquette.edu:

  • A current copy of your resume with this application including:
    Current Occupation/Organization
    Mailing Address
    Preferred Phone Number
    Preferred Email Address
    Date of Scholarship Application
  • Responses to the following questions (three paragraphs maximum length):
    1. How are you currently involved in the Greater Milwaukee community?
    2. How will you use your experience in the Future Milwaukee leadership program to improve yourself as well as your community?
    3. Why are you applying for a scholarship? Please be specific
  • Any additional comments or information which you feel will help the alumni Future Milwaukee leadership program Scholarship Committee get to know you and understand the reason for your request..

The Future Milwaukee Scholarship Committee will review your submitted application and notify you of its decision in mid-August. Please note that scholarship funds are extremely limited. The committee will want to know that you have checked with your employer and fully considered your own financial circumstances before making this request.

Please contact Christine Hill at christine.hill@marquette.edu if you have any questions.