Student Testimonials

“It's not IF Future Milwaukee WAS important to me...IT IS important to me because it laid the foundations to my leadership - authentic leadership. It's the type of program that gets to your core and allows the self-discovery that is necessary to truly grow, learn, excel and thrive as a leader. Future Milwaukee teaches us about leadership that goes beyond the titles and recognitions - the type of leadership that transcends the test of time and will propel this community to nurture, cultivate and grow the talent pool of professional leaders we need to move racial, diversity and gender barriers. That will truly make Milwaukee the city where all will choose to work, live and play.”

~ Griselda Aldrete
   President and CEO, Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee (HPGM)

“The skills learned in Future Milwaukee truly helped me to embrace the "gift of discomfort". I released the fear of remaining in my comfort zone, being content, and began the journey of self-discovery. I found that true leadership is within and does not depend on a title. I am now aware of so many jewels in our community and made great connections within our cohort and with the guest speakers. I am proud to be an alumni of Future Milwaukee, as a the program has greatly impacted my personal and professional development.”

~ Penelope Dixon
   Parent-Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) Practitioner, Children's Hospital

“Future Milwaukee helped me in so many different ways.  First and foremost I was introduced to so many of the important facets that make Milwaukee a diverse city; from urban development and hunger initiatives; to the art community and importance of water to Milwaukee; to the many racial and socioeconomic issues that Milwaukee faces. It was eye opening and an amazing learning experience to say the least. Second, in order to build and enhance my leadership abilities, Christine and Future Milwaukee pushed me outside my comfort zone. We were encouraged to engage with our classmates, to ask the tough questions, and to take on tasks that we as leaders are normally accustomed to. Lastly, I got to meet a wonderful group of other individuals who are looking to make positive change in Milwaukee. My classmates were fantastic and I enjoyed getting to know people who I may not have had an opportunity to meet otherwise. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who seeks to be the change they want to see in Milwaukee.”

~ Mitchell Lindstrom
   Attorney, Quarles and Brady, LLP