Affiliated Faculty Speaker Series

As an interdisciplinary program, Gender and Sexualities Studies draws on the expertise of affiliated faculty from various departments and colleges. We began our Affiliated Faculty Speaker Series to showcase gender and sexualities research by our affiliated faculty. 


Spring 2018

  • Gender Equity in Higher Education: From Research to Activism and Back Again
    March 20 | 4pm | Emory Clark 111

    To kick off our Affiliated Faculty Speaker Series, Dr. Cheryl Maranto will deliver her lecture " Gender Equity in Higher Education: From Research to Activism and Back Again." Dr. Maranto's areas of expertise include diversity and inclusion, applied labor economics, and labor relations. She has published articles on various sources of wage differentials (gender and unionization, gender and weight discrimination), union growth and decline, determinants of publishing productivity among faculty members, the causes of a "chilly climate" for women academics, the impact of workplace support on LGBT employees, and gender and organizational politics.

    In 1999, Marquette launched a Gender Equity Task Force, led by former Associate Academic VP Christine Wiseman and composed of faculty from across the university. One prong of their work was to develop and administer a climate survey of faculty. Dr. Maranto used this data to document some key factors that create and ameliorate a "chilly climate" for women faculty. She will review these findings and discuss current developments in this literature, including the promise of bystander intervention training to address microaggressions and other climate issues. Finally, we will take an initial look at what our 2015 climate survey reveals about the current climate for women faculty at MU, then open things up for discussion.