Course requirements 

INGS Major/Minor

Currently, the Interdisciplinary Gender and Sexualities Studies (INGS) major is offered as either a primary or secondary major. The major requires 30 credit hours, and students must complete the following courses: 

  • INGS 1001: Introduction to Gender and Sexualities Studies (3 credit hours)
    Provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary study of gender and sexualities. Uses an intersectional framework to examine gender, gender roles, expectations, and privileges. Students learn and utilize key terms and concepts in the field such as gender,
    sexuality, embodiment, feminism, womanism, patriarchy, and more. Examines how people across differing races/ethnicities, classes, sexual identities and nationalities in various historical periods have made sense of, assumed, articulated, and struggled against gendered identities. 
  • INGS 4997: Gender and Sexualities Studies Capstone (3 credit hours)
    This capstone course is designed to enable upper-level students, and especially INGS majors and minors, to integrate the knowledge and experience gained in INGS courses and use that knowledge and experience as a springboard for future work.