Adam, Bus Ad '06, and Beth, Arts '06, McCostlin

McCostlin Family

Beth Feste listened and, as a result, has a Marquette education and her husband, with whom she shares a remarkable commitment that her nana never saw coming.

When Beth was deciding where to go to college, Nana told her to look into Marquette because a few cousins had such positive experiences there. After visiting campus, Beth knew it felt right and launched an experience of her own that soon had her crossing paths with Adam McCostlin.

Members of the Class of 2006, they met as freshmen. Coming from a supportive Catholic family that included a grandfather who was a deacon, Adam always knew he wanted to experience a Catholic, Jesuit school. Marquette’s urban campus, along with its commitment to social justice and integration of ethics and faith as fundamental parts of its education, was a perfect match. Although he was majoring in entrepreneurship and marketing and Beth was in the Army ROTC program studying political science, they traveled in the same circles. Both participated in student government, were involved in leadership roles in Greek life and loved serving on the Orientation Staff for incoming freshmen. Over time, they saw more of each other — from studying in the library (“Club Raynor”) and attending Greek life events to enjoying coffee at The Brew and celebrating Tuesday night Mass at St. Joan of Arc Chapel. Adam is quick to mention how lucky he was that Beth asked him out on their first date as seniors.

Their college romance led to marriage in 2010, two children and a home in Evanston, Ill., which allows this devoted Marquette basketball family to come to Milwaukee and cheer on the Blue & Gold. But there’s something quite unique about their story: this alumni couple is so committed to paying forward their Marquette experience that they not only have supported several scholarships since graduating, but also are being intentional about their giving, putting aside funds now as part of a planned gift to their alma mater.

With a career in commercial real estate and lingering student debt, Adam explains how he wants to support scholarship now and into the future to thank donors who made it possible for him to stay at Marquette when he and his family needed help covering tuition throughout his undergraduate experience. “Whether you’re a year out or 50, I challenge Marquette alumni to look at what they pay in a week at Starbuck’s or Dunkin Donuts. Compare that with the satisfaction of giving back to a place that has given so much to you — and think about making so much possible for others.”

As for Beth, her work for a nonprofit serving children in need is an extension of the values of leadership and service shaped at Marquette — a place she’s unsure she would have attended without her nana’s influence. But Beth is certain that she would not be who she is today without Marquette’s impact.

Nana indeed knows best!


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