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Gifts to the Scholars Fund are put to use right away to provide current-use scholarships that help Marquette attract students of high academic standing. These scholarships can be designated toward students in any of Marquette's undergraduate colleges.

When we enroll the most talented students, the undergraduate experience is strengthened for all students. Gifted students serve as role models and academic leaders — they raise the bar for other students in terms of what they aspire to achieve and improve the overall intellectual climate of the Marquette community.

Marquette's Tuition Shortfall

The university already commits significant resources to meeting the financial needs of students, and it's not enough—Marquette has tried to make a college education accessible to students without financial means in two ways:

Marquette currently awards $50 million each year in financial aid in the form of scholarships and need-based grants. Greater than one out of every five dollars that the university spends already goes directly to financial aid. But even with that level of commitment from the university, Marquette cannot fully meet the financial need of the 67 percent of freshmen who demonstrate that they do not have the means to afford Marquette's tuition.

Marquette's Competitors

The resources that Marquette can commit to scholarships are far less than those of our competitors—the university's financial resources per student rank 164th among national, doctoral universities.

Colleges with whom Marquette routinely competes for students are able to offer greater merit and need-based scholarships than Marquette does currently. Among Catholic institutions, Georgetown University, the University of Notre Dame, St. Louis University, Boston College, Catholic University of America and Loyola University Chicago all rank in the top 100 in financial resources. The University of Dayton, Fordham University and the University of San Francisco also rank higher than Marquette in financial resources.


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