Genyne L. Edwards, Law '00

Gwen PerryDavis

Director of Development, Chicago

What is your favorite thing about working for Marquette University?

I have a few favorites, and it’s hard to choose one, so I’ll give you my top two.  I enjoy working with Marquette alumni and donors because they are passionate, thoughtful and charitable.  I also enjoy watching our men’s and women’s basketball games.  They are such a talented group of athletes and a wonderful representation of our student body.

What are the advantages of being based in Chicago?   

It’s great to be “on the ground” in the city where I visit with our alumni.  I’m able to move quickly during the day as well as understand the neighborhoods, schools and community issues.  It’s also helpful to be another set of eyes for my teammates who work in Milwaukee on campus.  I am able to identify people, places and projects here that help us advance our mission at Marquette University.

How would you describe the University Advancement team?

I work with a group of professionals who are dedicated to helping the university meet its greatest priorities.  These are truly remarkable individuals whom I am proud to call my friends.

How does Marquette University’s mission impact you in your daily work?

Marquette faculty, staff and students strive to live out the university’s mission of service, faith, leadership and excellence on a daily basis.  Our alumni do as well.  They share these values in their work, their time with their families and their community involvement.  It is good to know that these values stick with our students long after graduation.


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