Jay Rabideaux

Jay Rabideaux

Managing Director of Development, Minnesota & Wisconsin

Previous to working at Marquette, you were employed as a capital campaign consultant. How does working for a university differ from working in a consulting position?
As an alumnus, I have a vested interest in the advancement of Marquette University. I enjoy working for an organization with which I have such a personal relationship. Returning to campus to see all of the changes since I graduated was an incredible experience. Marquette is truly an institution on the rise.  As a development director, I know I can make a direct impact on the future of my alma mater.

How does Marquette University’s mission impact you in your daily work?
The Marquette mission pervades every school, college, department and office on this campus — you cannot escape it, nor would you want to. My work in University Advancement very directly supports our students and faculty, who really live out our mission of leadership, faith, service and excellence.

What is your favorite thing about working for Marquette?
I really enjoy working among Marquette students because their high level of activity and energy is contagious. Each day, they serve as a reminder of the importance of my work in development.

How would you describe the University Advancement team?
The University Advancement team is a vibrant mix of individuals who have a singular focus of bringing resources to this university. We share common and well-defined goals at work, but our personal interests vary greatly. This keeps life interesting.


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